Eric laughed out loud as he jumped into the shower. Before towelling himself dry he looked at himself in the mirror.

“Not bad,” he told himself. “Not bad at all.”

Later, as he lay in bed, he was wondering about the best way to seduce Avika. He’d bet every last cent that she was a virgin. He knew that it would take more than a few drinks to get her into bed. He’d have to wine and dine her first.

He imagined them laughing together. She had a beautiful laugh. She’d take off her outer clothes slowly – unusual for him – and then he’d strip off her underwear for her. He’d carry her to his bed and lie her down on the white, cotton cover that no woman had ever slept on.

‘I’ll never look at another woman as long as I have you, Avika,’ he would whisper to her. ‘You are my love, for ever and ever.’ He’d then gently make love to her.

‘Oh, my darling. My love … you’re the first man I’ve made love with and you’ll be the last,’ she’d say, then she’d turn her head and gaze into his eyes.

Eric had not known such happiness existed, as he continued his fantasy, drifting into sleep.

When he woke up later, he found himself highly aroused, looked around and was surprised to see Avila was not in the bed next to him. He jumped up quickly and rushed into the shower – a cold one!

Twenty minutes later Eric looked at his watch. He had totally forgotten the time. He dressed quickly and poured himself a mug of strong, black coffee. He was supposed to be showing a couple a townhouse in Humewood. He was due to meet them there at nine o clock. He was already twenty minutes late.

He drove very fast. Thankfully the morning rush hour traffic had thinned out. He reached the Brett La Roche Complex at 9:45 a.m. Eric looked around but he couldn’t see anybody who might be waiting for him. He had a remote and a key to get into the complex so drove up the driveway, and parked his car inside the electric gates.

He had rented out a few properties in this complex. He was heading for a townhouse near the swimming pool when a man suddenly stepped out in front of him. For a moment Eric thought he was going to mug him.

“Oh Mr Skele – you’re just the man I want to see. I came to look over my property. I’ve written you numerous emails telling you that the Body Corporate has been sending me numerous correspondences concerning my house here.”

“I’ve looked into it, and I could find nothing wrong with your tenants. They are both out working all day and don’t get back until late in the evening.”

“Then can you tell me why the living room is filled with empty beer cans, plus brandy and wine bottles? The garden is a disgrace and it looks like the dog’s turds have not been picked up for weeks.”

“I’m sorry–.” He had totally forgotten the man’s name.

The owner was beginning to shout now. “Have you at least got a spare key to my house?!”

“Yes. It’s here on this keying. Let’s just go take a look. I’m sure there has been some misunderstanding.”


Tell us: Has Eric fallen genuinely in love with Avike? Might this cause him to mend his crooked ways?