Detective Zandile Cele smells the bacon before she opens her eyes. She stretches and yawns. Her thoughts are slow as she wipes sleep from her eyes. But mental alarm bells ring as she remembers that it is only herself and her two toddlers in the house.

She kicks the duvet off and runs to the bedroom door, as visions of the kids getting burned by cooking oil swarm around in her mind. She is about to open it when Bongani, her boyfriend, walks in. He carries a tray laden with breakfast. A single rose stands between the plate and a glass of apple juice.

“Bongani! Why did you give me such a fright? I thought the kids were playing with the stove.”

“I’m sorry, Babe. I didn’t mean to scare you,” says Bongani. “I got back an hour ago. You were sleeping so peacefully it would have been a crime to wake you up.”

“Are the kids up?”

“Yes, I just gave them cereal. They are watching cartoons,” says Bongani.

Zandile’s smile is full of relief. She sits on the bed. “Breakfast in bed. And a rose!” She smells the flower and kisses Bongani. “Thanks, love. You are too good to me.”

“You deserve to be treated like royalty because you are a queen,” says Bongani. He looks at Zandile with a mischievous grin, and places the tray next to her on the bed. He has outdone himself with the meal. The omelette with green peppers and mushrooms is Zandile’s favourite. The bacon is perfectly crisp. She takes a mouthful.

“Here,” says Bongani, handing her a glass of apple juice. Zandile takes the glass as she chews. “Drink up,” Bongani insists, and pushes the glass towards her mouth.

“Wait, Bongani! Let me swallow first.” Zandile chews and swallows. She is sure Bongani is up to something but can’t figure out exactly what it is.

The mischievous grin on his face explodes into a full blown, ear-to-ear smile as Zandile goes for the sip. She looks into the glass as she drinks and blushes in confusion when she sees what sits at the bottom of it.

The ring has the biggest diamond she has ever seen!

Bongani takes the fork from the tray as Zandile’s face changes from confusion to elation. He fishes the ring from the bottom of the glass with the handle of the fork. Zandile has no time to catch her breath, because Bongani is already on one knee beside the bed. He takes Zandile’s hand in his.

“Miss Zandile Cele, will you do me the honour?”

“Bongani!” Zandile gasps.

“Please do me the honour of being my wife. Please accept my marriage proposal. Please be Mrs Ndlovu,” says Bongani, with pleading eyes.

“Oh Bongani!” Zandile hugs him.


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