Mado hated being late. The three girls had agreed to meet at the twins’ place so that they could go to school together to get their reports. Mado took a taxi to the rank near the twins’ house and then walked.

“Morning, girl! Where is Sophia?” Mado greeted Valerie and followed her through to the lounge.

“How much longer Sophia!” Valerie shouted down the passage. Although she had overslept too and woken up 10 minutes later, Valerie was now ahead of Sophia in getting ready to fetch their reports.

What Mado and Valerie did not understand was that Sophia wanted to look fabulous that day. It would be the last time she would see some of her classmates. She wanted to see them off with a bang.

Finally as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror she was satisfied with her looks. Her hair was worn loose, she wore a cropped neon top which exposed a bit of her midriff, ripped skinny jeans, and cute pink Nike takkies. With that colour combination it was hard not to spot her from a mile away.

“Coming!” she shouted back at Valerie as she sprayed some perfume and quickly grabbed a sling bag and an apple that had been lying forgotten on her bedside table.

Soon they were outside and on their way to school. The sun was already sharp but there was a breeze that kept sweeping the air from time to time, keeping them refreshed.

“I can’t believe we have made it this far!” Sophia was spilling over with enthusiasm.

“I know. I only hope I have passed Afrikaans,” said Mado. “It was hard enough having to learn English when I came to South Africa but Afrikaans!”

Valerie and Sophia sympathised with her. They remembered hearing her struggle in English when she was starting at their high school. And when it came to Afrikaans she didn’t have a clue.

“Hey remember when I suggested that you watch 7de Laan to improve your Afrikaans and you laughed at me saying it would never work? Well, I proved you wrong. Right?” Sophia asked Mado.

“Right,” Mado laughed.

When they arrived at school they greeted their friends on their way to the secretary’s office. They gave the secretary their names and surnames. Their hearts were thumping with anticipation.

Mado was the first to receive her report, then Valerie. ‘Sorry, what’s your surname again?’ questioned one of the secretaries with a tone that startled Sophia.

“Thomas -same as my sister.” Sophia frowned. Could this woman not see that they were twins? The secretary rummaged through the reports in front of her. Finding nothing, she dashed to the principal’s office.

“I still can’t find your report. Just give me a second. I’m coming now, now.” She muttered on her way out. She was gone for ages and Valerie and Mado started to open their reports while Sophia waited.

“Oh my goodness!” Mado shrieked in glee, “I got two distinctions, and I passed English and Afrikaans, too. I passed Afrikaans!” Sophia and Valerie could not help but feel proud and happy for Mado. The three girls embraced each other.

“Ok, Valerie, your turn now!” Mado encouraged her with a big grin. Valerie’s face shone as she opened her report. For a moment she forgot that she was pregnant. Sophia grabbed the report out of Valerie’s hand and peered at it.

“Wow! she whistled, “aren’t you the genius of the family!” Mado looked at the report over Sophia’s shoulder. “Sho,Valerie, congrats! 4 distinctions!” They were hugging when the secretary came back.

“I’m sorry to break you up girls, but there’s a problem with Sophia’s report. We are busy contacting the Department of Education. We will tell you your results as soon as possible. Can you give us your home and cellphone numbers?”

Sophia was crushed. More waiting, how could life be so cruel! As the girls were walking out of the school gates Valerie saw her boyfriend, David, out the corner of her eye. “Sorry, guys I’ll catch up with you,” she said walking quickly over to where David was standing, looking nervous. The joyful moment when she saw the symbols on her report was over.

“We need to talk,” she pulled David away from the other Matrics.

“What is it? I don’t know why but for the past couple of days you have been acting weird around me. When I ask to see you, you tell me you’re busy with something. You haven’t been answering my SMSes. What’s up? Is there someone else?” He asked nervously.

“No, it’s nothing David. It’s nothing like that…” She mumbled so softly that David had to strain to hear. “I’m pregnant.” She whispered, looking straight into his eyes.

How do you think David is going to react? What will he do?