Kebonye sat alone in the prison cell.

“I didn’t kill him,” she said with all the bitterness she could find within her. “That idiot Detective Inspector should check his evidence.”

Kebonye put her head in her hands, looking hopeless. That was what they wanted – to see her looking hopeless! And she was feeling pretty hopeless. Mostly because of the ugly orange prison uniform she had to wear.

Her friend Magda was going to laugh when she saw this outfit. “You poor, unlucky chick !” That’s what Magda would say.

The thick metal door creaked open. Kebonye looked up, straight into the beautiful dark eyes of Lawrence Katse. She longed to smile up at him, to throw her arms around him. But that would really get her into trouble.

So instead she forced her mouth into a sneer. She spoke in a harsh voice. “Good evening, Detective Inspector! Have you come to gloat? You think you’re so clever, cracking this case wide open!”

It wasn’t what she wanted to say. What she really wanted to say was, “Lawrence, can’t you see that I adore you?”

But Lawrence Katse wouldn’t be interested in her. She was a nobody here. There were far more beautiful women around. Like Tumi Tladi in her chic uniform . Like the exotic Lindi Khan – Prisoner 155F. Kebonye knew she didn’t stand a chance!

Lawrence closed the door behind him and walked right up to her. Kebonye was finding it difficult to breathe. Lawrence took both her hands in his strong ones. How many times had Kebonye dreamed of this moment? But she pulled her hands away roughly. It was what she had to do.

“Don’t you dare, Detective Inspector! What I need is justice. You know that I didn’t kill Simon.”

Still Lawrence did not move away. Instead he bent over and kissed her gently, right on the lips. It lasted only a few glorious seconds.

Her friend Magda was going to go crazy when she found out! Kebonye knew what Magda would say: “You lucky spoilt-brat chick, Kebonye! For the rest of your life you can say that you’ve been kissed by the one-and-only Lawrence Katse!”

But Magda didn’t understand the way things were round here. This kiss was meaningless. Lawrence probably didn’t even remember her real name! By nightfall, he would be out on the town with some stunning girlfriend and he wouldn’t even remember Kebonye existed.

“You’ll get your justice, I promise, Palesa,” said the gorgeous Lawrence Katse. And then he walked out of the prison cell. There was the sound of the key grating in the heavy lock.

Kebonye was all alone again. She put her head in her hands and began to cry, her shoulders shaking. It was what she had to do.

“Cut!” yelled Max. He was the Director of the new soapie, Wheels of Justice. “Great scene, people! Star performance as usual, Lawrence! Not bad, Kebonye. You’ll be a good actress one day.”

The End