The supermarket was full of people, all doing their Christmas shopping. Christmas music blared from the speakers: “Joy to the world…”

Refilwe stood at her till, packing groceries for customers. She had lost her parents back when she was thirteen, so Christmas was not a joyful time for her.

Then Sam appeared. He worked at the video arcade next door and he was just the nicest guy: kind and gentle. He walked toward her and that made her feel better right away. He held a present in his hand too, a small, long box wrapped in pretty yellow paper. Refilwe stopped packing groceries. Was that a present for her?

Sam smiled his wonderful smile. “This is a present for the sweetest girl in the world,” he said.

Refilwe’s face grew hot. “And who is that?” she managed to ask. Perhaps this was going to be a happy Christmas after all?

Sam’s answer was a shock. “This is for my Daisy, that’s who,” he said. “I hope she likes it. Refilwe, will you keep it safe, just until I knock off at five?”

Refilwe tried to hide her disappointment. Who was this Daisy, that Sam was buying her a present? Refilwe put the present into her bag.

Every day at lunch time, Refilwe and Sam ate their sandwiches together. He had never said anything about this girl, Daisy. And now he was buying her a Christmas present! Lucky Daisy!

“There’s a Christmas party at my house tonight,” said Sam. “Sixth Avenue. Number twenty-five. Why don’t you come?”

“Will Daisy be there?” asked Refilwe.

Sam nodded, still smiling his wonderful smile. “But of course! I would never have a party without Daisy.” He went back to the video arcade. Refilwe went back to packing groceries. She wished someone would just switch the Christmas music off.

By five o’clock, Sam still had not come back for Daisy’s present. Refilwe went to the video arcade with its flashing lights and loud tunes. But Sam wasn’t there. The manager said he’d already gone home.

Should she take the present round to Sam’s house?

Refilwe held the present in her hand, shaking it. It made a clinking sound. Was it maybe a gold chain bracelet? She had seen one in the jewellery store window upstairs. Lucky Daisy, thought Refilwe again. She would be glad when this whole Christmas business was over.

Refilwe found Sam’s house on Sixth Avenue. Music was pounding through the windows. People were laughing and dancing in the yard.

Sam saw her at once.

“Cheers!” he said as he took the present. “I was in such a rush, I forgot.”

Refilwe looked around. So many pretty girls were in the yard. “Which one is Daisy?” she asked.

Sam put his arm around Refilwe and led her inside. “I think she’s in the kitchen. Come and meet her. I’m sure you two will like each other.”

What a fool she’d been, thought Refilwe, imagining that there was something special between her and Sam! Imagining that somehow Sam would make this a good Christmas for her.


What do you think? Does Refilwe still have a chance of a happy Christmas?