“Move it, Kaz!” said the TV presenter, Latoya. “Time is money in our business. Let’s ship on out.”

But Kaz couldn’t tear herself away from the mirror. She stood gazing at her new face, her new body, her new hairstyle. It was a miracle! A dream come true!

The dream started three months before. There was a knock on her front door. A man from the TV station said, “Kaz Tlagae, you won the competition. We will give you a complete make-over. Congratulations!”

Kaz’s boyfriend was not so keen: “I love you just the way you are, Kaz!”

“Well, I’m sick of being ugly,” Kaz argued. “I’m sick of my fat stomach and my bad skin and my crooked teeth!”

Godfrey sighed, “But Kaz, you are so lovely inside. So sweet and kind and generous. What does it matter how you look outside?”

“Well, I want to be lovely outside too.”

“Just promise me,” he begged three months ago. “Just promise you will stay as sweet as you are. Don’t let them change you inside.”

Kaz smiled at herself in the mirror now. Yes, she was definitely lovely on the outside. Stunning! Gorgeous! She had changed from an ugly duck into a beautiful swan!

Of course, the three months of the make-over were torture. Liposuction, breast implants, an eyebrow lift that didn’t heal properly, two violent skin-peels. Hours in the dentist’s chair. More hours with a hairdresser giving her a state-of-the-art weave until it felt that her back was breaking.

All the way through, the TV cameraman, Steve, had his camera shoved in her face, calling her “sugar”. And Latoya, the presenter, bossing her around.

“Turn this way, Kaz. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re crying. Let Steve get a good shot of your tears. Our viewers want to see all the gory details.”

Sometimes Kaz just wanted to give up and run back home, back into Godfrey’s loving arms. He phoned her every day. “Remember my angel, I love you no matter what. Just don’t let them change who you are.”

But the three months was over now. All the pain was worth it. Kaz gazed at her reflection and beamed with joy.

Latoya was annoyed and impatient. “Move it, Kaz. Your friends and family are all waiting in the studio. They want to see the ‘New You’. And Steve needs to get close-ups of their reactions. Especially your mom’s reaction. And your boyfriend’s. What’s his name? Godfrey? Our viewers are very interested in him. They have warmed to him big time!”

“Yeah,” said Steve. “Time for the ‘Big Reveal’, sugar! This is your last camera appearance. So let’s make it memorable, right?”

Kaz headed towards the studio in her new stiletto heels. In her new size ten evening gown. Her new weave, its curls softly framing her cheeks. She thought, “Just one last thing and then my make-over will be complete.”


Tell us what you think: What might the ‘one last thing’ be?