When she got back into her hotel room, Rozena lay awake for a long time. Her head was spinning with the things Trevor had told her. Yes – SCRAM had saved her from being unjustly accused of dealing in drugs. But SCRAM had also planted the drugs on her in the first place.

Trevor said that it was because they wanted her to join the SCRAM kids. SCRAM wanted her to owe them something – it had been a way to buy her loyalty.

According to Trevor, Devon really had been dealing drugs, and SCRAM had needed a way to trap him. So far as that went, the plan had worked. Devon had been guilty, even if not for the crime he’d confessed to.

Rozena turned uncomfortably in her bed, pulling the duvet up around her.

And what about now? SCRAM wanted her to plant a trojan virus on Natasha’s computer. They said it was because Natasha’s father, Mark van Reenen, was a gunrunner. They hinted that Natasha was involved in his crimes and that is why they wanted the access to her computer, via the trojan virus.

But how could Rozena trust them? They’d lied to her about the drugs. Maybe they were lying about this as well?

Trevor had showed her the evidence that the other SCRAM kids had collected against Mark van Reenen. So far, they hadn’t been able to find any direct proof that van Reenen was involved in smuggling weapons, or any of the other activities he’d been accused of. But they had collected an impressive amount of evidence about his business partners and friends.

Colin had flown a camera drone right up to a car where a close friend of van Reenen had met with a known gang boss. Colin had actually taken photographs of money changing hands. Zazi and Colin had trailed another of van Reenen’s associates to a warehouse, and Trevor had picked the lock. They’d discovered crates full of ammunition and guns, that were all now in the custody of the police, and the men responsible had been arrested.

But although the SCRAM kids were convinced that these men had all acted on Mark van Reenen’s orders, there was no way, so far, to prove that.

“We have to get van Reenen,” Trevor had told Rozena. “He’s the one with the power. He’s the one giving the orders. That’s why it’s so important that you get into Natasha’s computer and give SCRAM access to all her emails and messages. That’s the route in, so SCRAM can prove that he’s been in charge of these other guys all along.”

But even if this was true, Rozena no longer felt that she could trust SCRAM.

She had spent only one day with Natasha, but she really liked her. Natasha was friendly and clever, and she was fun to be around. She’d been really impressed by Rozena’s competition project, the smartphone panic button, and eager to show off her own project.

Even if Natasha’s father was a criminal, did that make it right for Rozena to invade her privacy, by letting SCRAM access everything on her computer?

In her head, Rozena knew that it was very important to stop Mr van Reenen. But in her heart, she didn’t know if she could betray the trust of her new friend.


Tell us what you think: Is Rozena right that you shouldn’t invade the privacy of a person just because of who their relative is?