The Great Flood – Day 1
Dear Diary,

Sjo, the heavens opened and the flood waters came. Mud slid everywhere; roads washed away. Our house is slightly higher, but at the end of the road. We are cut off from everyone! It’s like we are a castle with a moat, except this house is no castle. For starters, it has Sphetfo in it. That is nine years of annoying, right there.

But I’m telling you, Diary, this is bad, bad, timing. You know Quinton and I were going to start that dog walking biz? We had clients lined up and everything, and we were going to put the monies towards next year’s matric farewell.

Well, farewell to our plans.

I can’t even send him a message to see if he has any new ideas, because the phone lines are out, the internet is out. We’re in the dark ages, and I am a modern girl living in a modern world, and I don’t do this camping-at-home nonsense.

And the mosquitoes – sjo! – they’re a plague. Not being able to get to school is the only positive to this disaster, cos if I pitched up now, everybody would be calling me ‘Spot’ and barking.

Ooooh, got to go, Mama wants me to help with the laundry. Hand washing! Disgusting. I am not touching anyone’s underwear but my own. I’ve got standards here.

Trying not to lose my mind,
~ Khuthele

The Great Flood – Day 2
Dear Diary,

I am not an introvert. This ‘being on my own’ thing is doing my head in. I might go crazy. Seriously. This is not on. But there is only so much I can take of my family. I mean, Mama and Tata are fine, so long as they’re not asking me to do chores (pssst – Sphetfo needs to learn to wipe his butt better, because the THINGS I’ve seen cannot be unseen). But they don’t really get me, not like my friends, who I have not spoken to in almost 48 hours. This is BAD.

And you don’t even need me to tell you what I think of Sphetfo. Why God chose him out of all the human possibilities out there, I do not know.

Mama laughs every time I complain and tells me everyone has their cross to bear, and he is mine.

If I ever meet God face to face, I will have to have a word.

Needing my brain bleached,

~ Khuthele


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