The Great Flood – Day 12
Dear Diary,

HOLY HEAVENS, you will NOT believe this. So one of the cats I painted the other day was apparently this wealthy Jo’burg woman’s beloved Sassy. When she saw the photo, she DM’d me, asking me if I could send her the rock – ONE ROCK – and pay me R250 PLUS courier fee.

You know, Quinton has been doing his dog walking gig just fine without my help. I mean, he’s offered to cut me into the hustle, but I think I may just have my own. R500 in two days!

Okay, Mama pointed out that if I am going to make this a business, I need to factor in the cost of paints AND rocks.

Yes, my mama is getting a bit worried about the rapid loss of rocks from her courtyard. So now I’ve got to go rock hunting. Thankfully, Vatiswa says she knows the perfect place.

It better not be anything shady, because after being stuck in my house for nine days straight, I am NOT getting stuck in jail.

Loving freedom,
~ Khuthele

The Great Flood – Day 13
Dear Diary,

Woot! Woot! People are asking for rocks, rocks, rocks. Sadly, I have SO MUCH HOMEWORK that needs attention.

Tata helped me set up a list on Excel and explained how to take in orders and keep track of everything, including my accounts.

Because Mama’s church ladies are asking for their families to be done. To THINK I was kind of annoyed when Mama asked me to do the minister’s family. Instead, I discover my mama is a genius! Give the public a little taste, then reel them in.

And rich-cat-lady is telling her rich-cat-lady friends.

I asked my parents if it was okay that I was basically charging the locals the same for a whole family as I was charging these city people for one single cat-rock. Tata was all, ‘local discount’.

Alrighty then. I’m good. I’m running a biz, and I am going to have the best matric farewell EVER!

Thrilled with life,
~ Khuthele


Tell us: If you were making money like this, would you be spending or saving?  And on what?