“Are you crazy?” Candice asks over my shoulder.

I turn to her. “Candice relax. Deon will understand. He’d never give the uniform to us out of our own, but he’ll forgive us afterwards. We’ve done him enough favours.”

“It looks like stealing to me.” Candice says, her arms crossed, but she doesn’t try to stop me.

I ignore her and walk into the room. Bed, mirrored wardrobe, laptop and laundry basket. I poke around in the wardrobe and find a clean uniform. It should fit me, Deon and I are the same size. 

I grab it and head for the door. “Candice let’s go!”

We collect our stuff and get in the car. Candice is behind the wheel and she’s not so happy with me. I know this isn’t exactly legit, but I have to do it. She knows the two of us are a team. Like Romeo en Juliet, Bonny and Clyde. We have the same taste. We don’t care what others think. We go club hopping in Cape Town. Like the same music. We both love Game of Thrones. We feed each other pudding. The list goes on. I can’t do this prank without her.

We drive to Delft. The Hague. Ballas’s house is across the road from a high school. It’s a new school, because I remember that there had been an empty field here not long ago. They’ve found bodies there in the past, hidden under cardboard, rubbish bags, weeds or branches. My heart beats fast. I have a real uniform, so nobody has any reason to believe I’m a fake law enforcement officer. I just need to be cool and stay cool. That’s what’s important. 

Candice shuts off the engine. Ballas and his men walk out of the house and get into a car. They’re probably going to get more drugs. We probably have about half an hour before they return. Candice stares ahead of her, her hands gripping the steering wheel. “Lee-Roy, I’m going to say this again, this whole business is a mistake. I’m scared. You can get seriously hurt.” She looks at me, worry in her eyes.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” I don’t believe my own words. I’m also scared, but fortune favours the brave. “It’s a risk, I know,” I admit.

“You’re risking your life,” Candice says. “It’s reckless.”

“Candice, the sun is burning bright outside. I’ll enter the house alone. Believe me, nothings going to happen to me.”

“How do you know that? They’re gangsters.”

“I’ll keep my eyes on the prize,” I say. “This video’s going to go viral. The rats in that house won’t hurt a police officer. I’ll be in there eight minutes tops. You can keep an eye out for trouble here. If you see anything funny, you can call the police. If Ballas or any of his troops return, you call me”

Candice’s cell rings. She looks at the screen and shows it to me. It’s Deon. “Should I answer?” she asks.

“No, we can explain everything to him tonight.”

“What are you going to do once you’re inside that house?” 

“I’ll tell them I received info that there’s drugs in the house and that I have backup standing by out of sight.”

“And then?” 

“I’ll search the house…”

“Search? You don’t have the right to do it. What will you do if you find money or drugs?

I know I’m playing with fire. “Whose money and drugs is it?”

Candice frowns. “What do you mean?”

“Ballas is messing up this community. He uses children as young as twelve to do his dirty work. He destroys people’s lives. What does tik do to a person’s brain?” I point a finger at the house. “The money in that house belongs to nobody. Look at what Deon did.”

“We’re not Deon, Lee-Roy,” she says softly. “He’s been on the wrong track for a long time and he’s a cop. You and I, we’re not criminals…”

“We’re not criminals, no. If there’s money or drugs, we take it to the police. Perhaps there won’t even be money or drugs in the house. Relax, there’s no need to panic.”

“I have to panic.”

“After this prank, we’ll be the country’s top youtubers, you’ll see.” I put on the uniform in the car. “Candice, get your camera ready. I want to do the intro in the car. Please try to look a bit happier. People will notice if your heart isn’t in it.” 

Candice sighs and point her phone’s camera at me. I make a peace sign. “We’re outside a drug dealer’s house in Delft. We’re going to expose him. This isn’t a fake prank, so please don’t try it at home. This is a hundred per cent real. It’s life threatening. I’m Lee-Roy …” 

Candice turns the camera in her direction. “And I’m Candice. Push the like button and leave a comment below.” Candice and I put our cheeks together and look at the camera. “Lee-Roy and Candice rocks!” we say in unison.

Candice stops the camera.

“I’ll put my phone in my pocket with the camera showing, so I can record everything once I’m inside the house,” I tell Candice.

“You don’t need to do this,” she tries one last time.

“I have to, Candice.”

I take a deep breath and get out of the car. Walk up to the house and stand there on the sidewalk for a while. It looks like any other house in the street. Two bedrooms. On the left side of the house a garage has been added. Vibracrete with a black gate. Large double gates for cars. The small gate opens with a groan. I wait for barking dogs to come running. Nothing.

I walk to the front door and knock. I knock again, this time louder. It must sound like the police.

The door opens. It’s a woman! She could have been my mother. Black hair greying, big earrings and soft wrinkles.

“Good day, ma’am,” I say. “Police.”

“How can I help, officer?” she asks.

“We have reason to believe this is a drug house,” I say. “We’re here to search the place. I have backup waiting outside, out of sight.” I say “we” but I’m on my own. I walk in without an invitation, my heart beating wildly.

Tell us: What do you think is going to happen?