My name is Phelo and I am book crazy.

I love books.
I love, love,
like love:

I’m book-mad. I’m book-crazy. I’m a bookaholic.

Here are some of my favourites:

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz – awesome thriller all about Alex, a teen orphan who becomes a secret MI5 agent!

Matilda by Roald Dahl. A book-worm (like me) defeats her bully of a head teacher (a strong bear of a woman who throws children like a shot put). 10/10.

Shadow Chasers series – Bontle Senne. I know y’all love on Harry Potter, but this is better, and set in sweet Mzansi, so dive in and get magical.

Those might be in my top three. But my top three changes all the time.

I’m at school. In Grade 9. Sometimes my friends tease me because I read so much.

One of my friends, Lundi, caught me reading Sophiatown, which is a drama set work from Grade 12. I saw it on the desk and asked if I could borrow it and the drama teacher said yes, so I kept it in my backpack and read it whenever I had time.

It’s good to keep a book with you at all times. Sometimes it’s even nice to sneak off and read.

Our school library isn’t the best. It only has about 10 books in the teenage section and I’ve read them all.

Three of them are from the Twilight series, which I think are pretty terrible.


Tell us: Do you like reading novels? If not, what puts you off them? What is your favourite thing to read?