Jeremy leaned over the table so that his face was close to mine. “So – next weekend? Where do you want to go, my angel?”

I pulled away from him. No, I couldn’t carry on, not for anything. His face, his voice, even his smell repulsed me. He made my skin crawl.

As for the business with Farai, it was surely nothing to do with him and his secret gift. It was just a crazy coincidence.

I said, “Sorry, I’m busy. I promised my mother to go visiting with her.”

“Fine,” said Jeremy. He didn’t sound too upset, even though he was busy paying the restaurant bill. “Fine. I am a patient man, my love.”


I read about Boineelo in the newspaper that next week. I was waiting for a taxi and the man beside me had his paper open to page three.

“Soap Star in Horror Crash,” said the headline.

I read on. Boineelo had been in her director’s luxury motorcar, travelling at great speed, when he struck a lamp post. Boineelo’s airbag failed to activate and she went flying through the windscreen.

“Ms Seboni has suffered severe facial lacerations and a fractured nose and cheekbone,” said the news article. “Her career could well be at an end.”

I stood there shaking. Taxi after taxi drove past me while I shook my head. Boineelo the No-longer-beautiful! The words sounded over and over in my mind like a chant.

A car hooted close beside me.

“Need a lift, kiddo?”

I wasn’t even surprised to see Jeremy there. I got into his car, still shaking. He didn’t drive me home. Instead he drove me to his place: a neat cottage in a pleasant part of town.

“Poor darling, you are shivering!” he said. He led me through to his bedroom and put a drink in my hand. Whiskey, I think it was.

My mother phoned just then.

“Oh Neo, I have just heard the most awful news from Mrs Seboni. Poor sweet Boineelo! I can’t bear it!”

“I already know, Mama,” I said.

“Are you on your way home, dear?”

“No, Mama, I’m working late,” I lied.

I suppose I knew what would happen next. Jeremy wrapped his stubby arms around me there on his double bed. He began to make love to me. I didn’t resist. I didn’t pull away or tell him to stop. I suppose I was still in shock.

In my head, two words pounded over and over: I’ve won! I’ve won! I wished my head would be silent.

Afterwards, Jeremy dropped me off at home. I was still shaking. “See you soon, my angel,” he said.

I told myself: Never again. I will never see him again. Not ever. No matter what happens.

Yes, and I told myself: This is just another crazy coincidence. It means nothing. But I don’t think I really believed that.


Tell us what you think: How would you feel if you had a secret gift like Jeremy has?