“Now, my girl, take this little bag, breath into it and bring it back to me,” says the sangoma.

Ntombi takes the bag, saying, “Makhosi!” She breaths into it and hands it back.

The sangoma looks into the bag, contemplates for a while. “Hha!” she exclaims and looks at Ntombi. “The ancestors say all is going according to plan. If that girl doesn’t leave that house, the man you want will wring her neck with his bare hands. Do you hear what I’m telling you?”

“Makhosi!” says Ntombi, as she nods.

“It’s only a matter of days before he comes back to you,” says the sangoma. “As I’m talking to you now he is always thinking of you. He can no longer stand the sight of her. Do you understand me?”

“Makhosi!” Ntombi smiles. “But, Makhosi, how will I know when Nobuhle and Sqiniseko finally break up?”

The sangoma frowns. “What are you asking me? Are you doubting my powers? He will come to you. He will come knocking at your door. He hates that other girl so much he can no longer pretend. It’s obvious you used my muthi the proper way. By the end of the month Sqiniseko’s house will be yours.”

Ntombi’s smile runs from ear to ear.

“Here is more muthi.” The sangoma hands Ntombi a parcel wrapped in a page of newspaper. “This you must pour over hot coals, while shouting Sqiniseko’s name. Shout his name three times, and he will come running to your door.”

Ntombi takes the muthi. Glee engulfs her face as she leaves the sangoma’s house. She is overjoyed because she’ll get Sqiniseko back. She was his first girlfriend. It was all roses, until the day Nobuhle arrived at their school. Sqiniseko took one look at Nobuhle and was instantly smitten.


Tell us: What do you think about Ntombi wanting to get back a boyfriend who rejected her for someone else? Do you think what she is doing is justified?