I asked Sima to accompany me to the hospital to visit Xolani after school and she reluctantly agreed.

“Sima! Ayanda! Wait for me,” Anathi called after us on the way to the hospital. Sima and I stared at each other, then at Anathi who was walking towards us. We had not expected her to come with us.

“When you told me you were going to the hospital with Ayanda I thought it would be a good thing for me to come along since Xolani was with me that night,” Anathi said to Sima. She looked at me. “That is if you don’t mind me coming with you guys.”

“No, of course you can come with us,” I said.

In my heart I had already forgiven Xolani for not being honest with me about his feelings for Sima. I hoped that he would also forgive Sima for choosing me over him and respect her as his friend’s girlfriend.

When we arrived at the hospital we signed our names on the visitor sheet. The nurse led us to Xolani’s ward when we were all done with the registration.

“Hey, Chief! I brought you some homemade muffins,” I said to Xolani who looked happy to see us.

Dankie, Chief,” Xolani said.

Sima and I stood at the left-hand side of his bed.

“Hi, Xolani,” Anathi said standing at the foot of the bed.

“Hi, Anathi,” Xolani said.

“How are you feeling today,” Sima asked.

“Good now that you are here,” Xolani said with a smile.

“I am sorry about what happened to you that night, Xolani. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have asked you to buy us alcohol at the tavern,” Anathi said.

“That is all in the past now, Anathi and don’t blame yourself. I’m just happy I’m still alive and you guys are here to see me,” Xolani said.

He looked at me and Sima whose hand was on my waist.

“Yeah! Chief, I finally told her how I feel. She feels the same,” I said, smiling awkwardly.

“Well, I guess Sima has already told you about me. I am sorry Chief, for not being honest with you. I–” Xolani said.

“Yes, she did tell me and no Chief, I am not angry at you,” I said.

“Thanks, Chief. I am happy for you guys. Lying on this bed has made me reflect on my life. I was selfish and arrogant. I never thought Sima would fall for someone like you, someone from the rural areas. I never thought … No offence Chief,” Xolani said.

“None taken, Chief. I just want you to feel better soon, I miss you at school,” I said, brushing his shoulder.

Xolani smiled. “Thank you guys for coming to visit me. It means a lot to me. Ayanda, you are the best friend I’ve ever had, Chief.”

Our visiting time ended while we were still chatting to each other. I walked out smiling, my heart light. Sima loved me back and I had not lost Xolani as a friend.

I was blessed with love and friendship that day.


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