Go inside.” Nthabiseng motioned Kganya into the hut. “Good luck, OK?”

“Would I need it?” Kganya asked in a nervous tone.

“I don’t know, but this is for just in case.” Nthabiseng smiled at Kganya.

“Thank you. Guess I will see you around?” Kganya asked her.


Kganya took off the slippers that had been given to her by Gogo Lesedi earlier. On her head she had on a red doek that covered all her hair, and she had on a white shawl that Nthabiseng helped tie at her hips. She was wearing a white vest that fit her perfectly. All of this outfit made her look different.

The hut was smoky and dark inside. It was filled with the smell of incense. That sharp smell, that could be from the herbs, smelled unpleasant at first. Then Kganya’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, and she could see Gogo Lesedi kneeling on a reed mat.

“Kneel here.” Gogo Lesedi gestured in front of her.

Kganya did so obediently.

“Do you know how you got here, Kganya?” Gogo Lesedi asked her.

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, let me shed some light for you. You were brought here by my Elder, one of my ancestors. Two days ago I was shown that you would be coming here, so I was expecting you.”

“I was brought here by your Elder? But how? ‘Cause I don’t remember walking here with anyone?” Kganya asked innocently.

“Yes, that’s because they were guiding you from the Spiritual World, and you were, well, sleepwalking, that’s why you don’t remember anything.”

“Why did they bring me here?”

“I still don’t know fully, but what I do know at this time is that I’m to initiate you as soon as possible. I believe the Elders think you have the power in you to fight the Dark Souls – you know, those evils voices that were haunting you last year?”

Kganya nodded robotically. She got goosebumps hearing all of this. Her? Powers? To fight the Dark Souls? Unbelievable.

“So, I have to start with your initiation as soon as possible. I will be focusing on you because you take top priority. We will have to do everything in just under three months because the Elders think the Dark Souls will attack you soon. Six months might be too late.”

Kganya was taking all of this in. She was nodding because what else could she do? She was sweating. Her heart was beating fast. She didn’t believe this was happening. She was so caught up in all of this that she didn’t hear noises outside.

“That must be your mother; I called her while you were asleep.” Gogo Lesedi was just standing up when someone barged in.

“Kganya! Oh, my nnana!” Her mother ran up to her, and squeezed her in a hug.

“I was so worried when I didn’t find you in your bed. I called Gladys to help look for you but Gogo Lesedi called me and told me you were here before we could start looking.” Her mother was speaking so fast in an embrace, that Kganya couldn’t hear her clearly. “How did you come here? When did you come? You had me so stressed!”

“Mama, I’m fine. I’m safe here.” Kganya pulled out of the suffocating hug.

“But how could you stress me like this? What are you even wearing, where are your clothes?”

“Gogo Lesedi gave me these clothes,” Kganya said, honestly.

“Why?” Her mother turned to Gogo Lesedi who was standing beside them, saying nothing. “Why is she wearing these?”

“Mama Kganya, there is a lot to tell you, so why don’t we go to the house so I can explain everything to you?”

“Explain now.” Kganya’s mother still had Kganya’s hands in hers.

“It will be better in the house, please trust me,” Gogo Lesedi told her.

“Mama, please go with her so she can explain everything,” Kganya pleaded with her mother.

“OK, nnana.” Her mother kissed her on the cheeks a couple of times, and then turned to Gogo Lesedi, “I hope you won’t mind, I brought Gladys and Mkhulu with me.”

“I don’t mind at all.” Gogo Lesedi smiled.

Tell us: Do you think it is important that Kganya’s mother is now involved? Why or why not?