Kganya stood up. She looked in the direction that the whip was coming from.

She breathed in. She felt the hotness in her nostrils coursing through her whole body, from head to toe.

She took one step forward. Two steps. Three steps. She was not stopping.

A black ball came her way. She made a swiping gesture towards it, and it sliced, like butter touched by a hot knife, without even reaching her. Another came, and she did the same thing.

They tried to whip her but she held the whip with her left hand, and pulled it.

“No!” The Dark Souls wailed, and they pulled back.

She nearly got dragged forward, but she put one foot in front of the other and leaned back, while with her right hand, she fired a yellow laser at the Dark Souls.

She had concentrated hard, and it went straight to the target.

The whip went slack. The Dark Souls had let go of it. Kganya nearly fell, but she balanced herself. She pulled it towards her and threw it behind her, to where Gogo Lesedi was lying.

“My Elders, I need your help. Let this ball be the biggest one. Give me the strength,” Kganya said, with her eyes closed.

It suddenly got windy around her. She didn’t know how, but she knew that those were her Elders. She smiled.

She slowly opened her eyes. The dust was forming a human figure in front of her.

Kganya breathed slowly in and out. The human dust brought something to her that looked like a stick. She reached out and took it, and indeed, it was a stick, a wooden one. She didn’t know what to do with it.

The dust started spinning.

What was this supposed to mean? Kganya was clueless.

She looked at the stick in her hands, and looked back at the spinning dust.

“Oh, I must spin this stick?” She asked nervously.

She parted her legs to assume a strong stance. With her hands firmly holding the stick, she started spinning it in front of her. She nearly stopped but when she saw sparks at the end of the stick, she continued.

“It’s working!” she exclaimed.

She continued spinning until a big yellow fireball was formed.

The Dark Souls threw a black ball at her, but it just vanished before it even reached her.

The dust suddenly scattered on her side. This was a go-ahead; she just knew it.

With all the strength she had, Kganya threw the yellow ball forward.

Boom! It exploded.

“Stop! Please.” The Dark Souls pleaded.

The ghosts, in the form of shadows, came out floating from the darkness. It was creepy. These were the Dark Souls? There were so many, coming out one by one.

“Sorry, we apologise, Kganya,” one that seemed to be their leader said, in that dark, deep, and echoing voice.

“Why did you haunt me?” Kganya asked with bravery.

“We didn’t mean to; but it was the only way we could get you.”

“Why did you want to get me?” She asked with vigour. She was angry now.

“You have powers that you didn’t know you about. We had to take them and use them to come back to the Physical World. It was easy to manipulate you because you did not know how to control your powers.”

“But why come back to the Physical World? You are dead. Look at you, you are shadows – ghosts!”

“It’s because we haven’t made peace with the living in the Physical World. Our stay here in the Spiritual World doesn’t have any peace.”

“It was his idea,” one Dark Soul pointed at the one speaking.

“What do you mean it was mine? We were all in this together!” The leader reiterated.

“But we didn’t want to go ahead with it, you forced us.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“Yes, you did!”

“Enough!” Kganya shouted, and all the commotion ceased. “It doesn’t matter who convinced who? You all did it, and you are all just to be blamed.”

Kganya got closer to the one who was the leader. “And you, there are many ways to make peace with the living in the Spiritual World without scaring them, and without disturbing me. You have no excuse. You wanted it to go your way, instead of doing things the right way because you are selfish and inconsiderate. But all of this ends now!”

“We are sorry!”

“Forgive us!”

“Have mercy!”

Kganya closed her eyes.

“My Elders, help me send them to where they belong, in their graves,” she said.

The dust appeared again, spinning as before.

Kganya twirled her wooden stick, and a big circle that looked like a portal appeared. “Go to where you belong, Dark Souls!”

The circle sucked in all the Dark Souls in their shadow forms. Some tried to run away, but the wind was too strong, they ended up being sucked in anyway.

Tell us: What do you think of how Kganya has handled the Dark Souls? Did she do the right thing?