As Evans and the fellows walked up the main road, headed towards Extension Two where Kobla and Tsiki normally hung out, Evans kept the R100 bill hidden, though his friends knew he had it. The fellows trusted him and he trusted the fellows too, but he knew if they saw the R100 bill, they might try to convince him to buy some chilled Zamalek at a tavern.

The fellows went searching for Kobla and Tsiki in their neighbourhood and left no stone unturned, but couldn’t find the pair anywhere. Finally, Evans got the bright idea to ask Boza, a homeless guy, if he hadn’t seen them. Boza knew everything and everyone in Geluksdal and told them to check Tati’s tavern.

Evans hesitated at first and dragged his feet as he rounded the corner towards Tati’s tavern. They were in luck, because just then Tsiki walked out of the establishment and took a piss, leaning against the wall with his left hand.

Evans approached him from behind. “Awe Tsiki,” he said in a shaking voice. “Is Kobla around? I am here to pay my debt, in full!”

Tsiki turned around. “Entlek voetsek man! Can’t you see I’m taking a piss?” He looked closer at Evans. “Oh, lover boy it’s you. You wanna pay in full? You must be loaded, come here let me run your pockets real quick!”

“Come on bro, I’ve only got what I owe you!” Evans said, while taking cover just in case Tsiki decided to bitch-slap him for disobeying a direct order. Tsiki smiled. “Okay fana boy!” He whistled for Kobla to come outside.

Kobla came quickly, with a pretty girl on his arm. Anita was her name and tricks were her game. She didn’t mind all these Geluksdal naaiers spending their money on her, because she knew everybody’s got to do what they’ve got to do to pay the bills.

Evans took out the R100 bill with the red number on it. Kobla looked at the bill trying to see if it was real or fake, then he smiled and stuffed it in his shirt pocket. “Okay seun, we’re square. Now get the hell out of my face!” He picked up some rocks and threw them at the fellows. “Voetsek!” he yelled.

Evans and his friends scattered. Kobla, Anita and Tsiki laughed and went back into Tati’s drinking hole. Inside they found their beers left unattended. Grace, Anita’s best buddy, was over in a corner talking to Fido. Kobla couldn’t let this go unpunished and he and Tsiki started a fight with Fido, “Ek sê check out that moegoe making moves on your girl!” Kobla said as he tapped Tsiki on the shoulder to cover the other side so they could box Fido in.

While everyone ran for their lives, Grace was left alone doing her best in her authoritative tone to stop the fight “Yey! Voetsek! Leave him alone! M’yekeleni! Voetsek, you bloody mongrels. Leave him alone, voetsek!” But they weren’t having it.

Just then, George snuck up from behind and hit Tsiki with a beer bottle over the head and dragged him out of the establishment to finish him off outside. Fido managed to get the upper hand on Kobla when he turned away to check on Tsiki. When Kobla looked back at Fido, his face came into contact with an empty beer crate. The beer crate knocked him senseless and Fido dragged him outside. Together, he and George proceeded to beat up Kobla and Tsiki, until Donovan, Aunt Lisa’s baby daddy, came by and stopped the fight. He grabbed Fido and George by the arm and pulled them away. “So this is how you repay your aunty? By constantly getting into trouble!” he asked Fido. Fido and George bowed their heads. “Sorry sir, it won’t happen again”

George and Fido calmed down and so did Tsiki. But Kobla wanted revenge “Hey seun! You think you got me? You coward! Come here I wanna show you … !” he took off his shirt and went for Fido. But Donovan got to Kobla just in time and defused the situation with a quick side-tackle. Kobla hit his head hard on the pavement and finally came to his senses and calmed down.

Donovan went back to George and Fido. “I don’t ever want to see you boys anywhere near this spot again. Now get lost!” he exclaimed. A dazed and shirtless Kobla stumbled to his feet. He limped away, his right arm around Tsiki’s shoulders for support.

Donovan was relieved that it was all over, until he realised Kobla had left his shirt behind. He did his best to holler at him. “Hey, my broer, here’s your shirt!” But Kobla wasn’t having it.

As Donovan balled up the shirt, he noticed something sticking out of the pocket. He undid the shirt and went through the pockets. There he found a R100 bill with the red number written on it. He smiled in surprise. “Yes! I can add this to the money I was going to give Lisa for Don’s school supplies,” he said to himself.

When he got Aunty Lisa’s house, he found Don playing video games and his baby mama preparing lunch. Donovan gave his son a kiss on the forehead. “Hey sport! You good? I’m glad you have taken up the guitar at school!” He paused. “I even got your mom a little something for the picks, belt and strings you asked for,” he added and placed the folded bills on the kitchen counter. Don jumped up excitedly. “I knew I can always count on you, daddy, thanks! I love you daddy!” Lisa dished up the food and they ate in total silence.

Soon after, Donovan got up to leave for work. He hugged and kissed his son goodbye and turned to Aunty Lisa. “Your money is on the counter because apparently I am the only one with a job around here,” he said, and left. Aunty Lisa just rolled her eyes and said nothing.

When she got up to do the dishes, she saw the bills Donovan had left on the kitchen counter. She went over to count them. There were a few R50s and a couple of R20s but also a larger note – the one-hundred-rand bill with the phone number written on it in red marker. She stared at it. “How about I give you my number and you can give me a call when your baby daddy can’t do nothing for you,” she heard a man’s voice say in her head and she smiled.


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