Fido’s dealer, Erick, woke up the next morning. He got up from his bed and put on a white vest that showed off his abs and massive arms. His girlfriend, Stacey, was sitting on the floor counting ecstasy pills. They were the purest form of ecstasy and only sold to a pre-designated clientele. There was a furious knock on the door, but Stacey didn’t move an inch. Erick went to unlock the door.

“Awe Majiya, I need the usual hook up” said Smokey, one of their morning customers. Smokey took his rock and two straws and went on his way. Erick was better known as “Majiya” because he was the number one clocker the pipe addicts had been praying for – and they found their saviour in the form of a short, buff Nigerian fellow with a gloomy hue to his skin, which glistened like the night sky.

Since he was already up, Erick figured it would be a good idea to start his morning properly with a fine marijuana cigarette and then have a large breakfast – he could smell Stacey had something going in the kitchen. He knew exactly what to do after breakfast – count the money he made last night hooking up Fido and them. Erick went into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.

As he brushed his teeth, Stacey came into the bathroom wanting to take a leak. She just stood there and stared at him instead. Erick finally noticed Stacey and went over to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead with a mouth full of toothpaste. Stacey scowled but he didn’t trip. He squeezed her butt and gave it a little tap.

Stacey smiled. “Liefie, I want to go see Mommy today in Geluksdal. I haven’t seen her all week and tomorrow … she’s going to church.” She fixed up her bangs in the mirror while she spoke. “You know how worried she gets if she doesn’t hear from us; she only imagines the worst.” She hugged Erick and wiped some toothpaste off his moustache.

She led him to the kitchen, where she had already prepared breakfast. Erick smiled at the sight of the toast, eggs and sausage. “You knew I would be up early, didn’t yah?” he asked with a beaming smile.

“Well, I know what you’re thinking all the time and you never lie to me, trust me I’d know. I suppose that’s one of the many reasons you’re awesome and it makes us a great couple,” replied Stacey as she leaned on the kitchen counter.

The food smelled delicious and Erick knew it would taste even better. Stacey was a great cook; she took after her mom. He looked deep into Stacey’s brown eyes. “Okay, Love, go see your mommy if you wish. Please buy her some groceries at the mall and give her some money and don’t forget to tell her I miss and love her just as much as I love you.” Stacey smiled. “I’ll give her a hug and a kiss and tell her they are from you.” She kissed him on the cheek and handed him a tightly rolled fine marijuana cigarette.

Stacey rolled the finest blunts and no matter what substance she used to numb her system, she could never be spun, she always bounced back on her feet a few days later. Erick may have been the dealer, but he was only the muscle, the front of the operation. Stacey was the brains behind the scenes and she made a whole lot of money doing so, because she knew people, she understood them and they all trusted her to the core.

Stacey had majored in psychology before she decided this way of making a living is much easier and more fun. She was destined to help patients but instead she made more money doing the opposite. Stacey had breakfast with Erick, who was already halfway in. They ate while taking an occasional glance at each other and giggling. Granted, Erick was way older than Stacey, so he also played the role of her older brother and during difficult times even the role of her father. It was Erick who had encouraged Stacey to get her degree and now here they were, still reaping the benefits.

Stacey took a shower, put on a dress and left the house headed for Tsakane mall to buy the groceries. Then she was off to see her mother. As she sat in a taxi headed from the mall to Geluksdal, she counted the bills left in her purse. She noticed the R100 bill with the red number written on it. She didn’t think much of it and decided she would give it to her mommy, she knew her mommy wouldn’t mind.

Mrs Pekeur didn’t mind at all – she was just grateful she had something decent to throw into the collection plate the next morning. Stacey and her mom sat and laughed until sundown. After Stacey ate and left, her mother prayed for her. She prayed to the Creator to protect her only child. Then she went to bed with a feeling of huge relief that she had seen her daughter and finally had enough money to turn heads when the collection plate came her way. It had been a while.


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