After a few meetings, Hawa and Yusuf became more familiar with each other. Like a planted seed, love slowly began to bloom with each meeting.
Mr Ismail passed by Hawa’s bedroom, poked his curious eye through her half-opened door and saw her crouched on the prayer mat, waiting for guidance. He entered and placed himself beside her,

“When in doubt, turn to Allāh,” he consoled his daughter.

“Am I doing the right thing, Boppa?” asked Hawa. Zaynab thinks it’s weird and creepy. Me marrying someone I don’t know,” noted Hawa.

“Daughter, forget about Zaynab. She has been dating Ahmad for ten years now and no marriage. Don’t let someone like that dictate your choices,” said Mr Ismail as he rubbed his chubby hand on his daughter’s delicate head.

“Do you remember when you climbed on top of the cupboards to steal condensed milk after I told you not?’

Hawa let out a loud giggle and replied, “Yes, Boppa. I remember.”

“You always had a strong spirit. If your mind was set on an idea, no one could change it.”

He held his daughter’s hand. “If you feel that Allāh has guided you to this action, then you should do it without question.”

Hawa gripped harder onto safety and security, her father’s burly arms.


The sun dawned on Friday, the holy day of Jumuah. The midday call to prayer signalled the start of the holy hour. Hawa decided to adorn herself with the traditional black Islamic thobe matched with a black scarf and attend the khutbah (Friday sermon) in order to gain some perspective or guidance on her current life event.

She entered the women’s section of the mosque, the walls welcomed her with tranquility and the prayer mats called her to guidance. Allāh in HIS infinite wisdom had called her here. She eagerly listened to the Imam giving the Khutbah, made the Jumuah prayer and made her way to the dusty bookshelf. She reached for the Holy Qur’an. There was a bookmark already placed in the Qur’an, and she immediately opened it. It read:

“…And we created you in pairs.”
Surah An-Naba (78:8)

As she read the scripture, one face came to mind: Yusuf.

As Hawa exited the mosque, a female voice called out, “Hawa.”


“Maaf, I didn’t see you.”

“It’s all right,” replied Zaynab. Her eyes fell onto Hawa’s Hijab.

“Hey, where is your favourite rose brooch?”
Hawa replied solemnly,” I lost it somewhere.” Zaynab raised her eyebrow.

“Who gave you that brooch anyway?” she inquired.

Hawa stared at the ground and then scratched her head. “Umm, to be honest, I can’t recall. I have always worn it.”

“I’m sure it’ll find its way back to you. Anyway, I wanted to apologize for my abrupt behaviour. Friend, I support any decision you take, even if I don’t agree with it. I know that you will only make the right choice,” said Zaynab as she extended her arm of support over to Hawa.

Tell us: Have you ever sought wisdom from a higher power when making big life decisions?