“Mama, your plan has not worked. What’s the next plan?” asks Princess Thembelihle walking to and fro in front of her mother.

“I’m at my wit’s end. I had such faith in this Ndaba boy. I was sure he’d defeat that crazy bull,” says Queen MaNdlela sounding deflated.

“Mama, I love Bhekani and I want to marry him. Please help me get my wish.”

“My child, I don’t know what to do now. Just forget about marrying Bhekani.”

“You can’t give up just like that, Mama. We have to fight to get what we want!”

They look at each other, defeated. Queen MaNgema comes in. “How are you, MaNdlela? I thought I’d come check if everything is well with you and the family,” she says politely.

“Why? What have you heard,” says Queen MaNdlela mockingly.

“I saw the king’s messenger dragging Thembelihle out of the king’s court. It troubled me to see the king’s oldest daughter being treated in that way.”

“It seems you have too much kindness,” says Queen MaNdlela.

“I really did not like what the king did to Thembelihle.”

“I’d appreciate it if you stayed out of the affairs of my home. You should be more concerned about that daughter of yours who just sent a prince to an early grave. The prince of the Ndaba clan is dead now because of Thobile,” says Queen MaNdlela.

“Why are you talking like that about Thobile? What did Thobile do?” asks Queen MaNgema.

“What did she do? That’s rich coming from you! Falakhe’s blood is solely on your daughter’s hands,” says Queen MaNdlela.

“Don’t speak about my daughter like that!” says Queen MaNgema.

“Things are out of order in the royal household because you and your daughter are bewitching everyone. When was the last time the king came to my bed? He doesn’t know I exist anymore. Then all the young men in the area and from far and wide only want that loose daughter of yours.”

“Such insults, MaNdlela! Don’t forget who you are speaking to!”

“What? What are you going to do about it? You are going to tell the king because you know he is always on your side? Because you know that you have cast a wicked spell on him?” says Queen MaNdlela. Her fiery eyes looks straight into Queen MaNgema’s.

“Listen to me carefully, MaNdlela! I came here out of concern for your daughter, but now I see that you are beyond redemption. You simply don’t know the meaning of kindness and respect.”

“It’s better to have no respect than to be the witch that you are!”

“I’m warning you, MaNdlela!”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“Do you really want to see what I’m going to do about it?”

The two women attack each other with violent blows. Princess Thembelihle just stands watching the fight because her mother has the upper hand. She only goes out to call the king’s men to break up the fight when the tables have turned and Queen MaNgema is on top. The king’s men break up the fight. Both queens are bruised and out of breath.


Tell us: Who is mostly to blame for this conflict?