After about two hours of walking, I find myself in a new territory. I have no idea whether this is another pack’s land or not. Then all of a sudden, I feel a sharp shooting pain all over my body. I start to panic. 

“It’s okay Mia, you’re shifting.” I hear Ohana’s voice.

“Ohana, I don’t know if I can do this.”

The pain is unbearable, it feels like my entire body is on fire. Normally when female wolves shift for the first time, their mates have to be by their side. Having your mate by your side when you shift for the first time, helps reduce the pain. Since Matthew isn’t by my side, and rejected me, it makes my first shift even more painful. I curse him . He could’ve rejected me after my first shift.

“I know it hurts Mia, just trust me OK? Matthew rejected us, but everything will be fine, I got you girl.” Ohana tries her best to talk me through it.

The pain is so bad that I couldn’t stand up. I feel my arms and my legs break, and bend. My back breaks, My fingernails slowly start to turn into claws,. 

My nose turns into a snout, and I feel my ears becoming longer.  My skin itches as fur starts to grow out of it. Soon my transformation is done, and I lay on the ground. 

“Mia, stop. Let me take control, you’re tired.” Ohana tells me, and I just nod.

Letting Ohana take control, I shift into my pure white wolf. 

Watching everything through Ohana’s wolf eyes, I see the trees zoom by. She is sprinting and jumping over fallen-down tree branches. In other states, hunters target white wolves specifically, for our blood. Our blood being in the wrong hands, can end the existence of all werewolves. Depending on the use of our blood, we can either heal or kill. Normally if a pack has a white wolf, that wolf has to be protected at all costs. Me on the other hand, I’m out here in the open, with no protection. I can’t do anything but protect myself.

I don’t know where we are, but this forest is beautiful. We reach a waterfall and I see  my wolf’s reflection in the water. I have to let her rest. I need rest. I drink some water and rest my head on my bag, and before I know it, I fall into a deep slumber.


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