Lazola’s parents are not very big people. Her mother is shorter than me. But, tjo, – they can do The Look. You know when those eyes bore holes through you, not a word is said, but words are shooting out of those eyes like lasers––THAT look.

Well, her mother must have a Ph.D in The LOOK.

Her father’s isn’t too bad either. Not as good as his wife’s, but he’s been taking notes.

Ooooooooh, it is hard not to squirm when people are giving you The Look, eh?

They hardly said a word to either of us. The only real words, were when it came to who was going to drive us home, and which parent would drive the bike. That is until her mother gave The Look to her father and said, “I am too angry right now, so for the health of everyone, I’m driving the bike.”

He nodded, “Fine.” Then he gave us The Look, and we were hustling into the back seats like our butts were on fire.

He didn’t say a single word to us the entire forty-minute drive to their house.

I waited and waited for them to bring up my parents. I waited and waited for them to drive me home. But nope. Her daddy just drove us to their house and stopped the car. Lazola got out, I followed.

Her father said, “It’s late, we will discuss this matter in the morning.”
How is anybody supposed to sleep with that hanging over their head, hey? Well, Lazola did. She passed out, right after giving me a big glare, and then zzzzzzzz. As if going to sleep was easy after all that drama.

Tjo, but I sure couldn’t sleep after everything that had happened. I had all these worries racing through my head:

  1. When are they going to tell my parents?
  2. How will I pay for the damage to the bike?
  3. Am I too young to be taken to the police?
  4. Am I too young for jail?
  5. Will I need a lawyer?
  6. What if Lazola never talks to me again?
  7. What if …

Ja, the list was long. I had a lot of time. So! Much! Time! To think about all the things. Does your brain ever get like that? When you start imagining all the various ways your life is one big train crash?


Tell us: Do you understand what Aysha is talking about? Does your brain ever get so busy, so full of worries and thoughts, that you can’t sleep? Do you know any way to make your brain quiet down so you can get to sleep?