After MaBoots got off the taxi, Baska heard a familiar voice coming from the backseat.

“You know that idiot was correct,” a man said.

When Baska looked in the rear-view mirror, he recognised Tyson, one of the most notorious players in Mrova. Baska had not even had a moment to process what MaBoots had just said and now here came Tyson agreeing with him. By the time the taxi reached Extension Four, there were a couple of people left in the taxi. Baska decided to focus on driving rather than listening to Tyson, because from what he picked up, Tyson was about to lecture him on the benefits of having a baby with Zanele.

He wasn’t ready for yet another person lecturing him about his situation. Baska just wanted to drive the taxi and earn his money fair and square like a man should. Just like he had been doing all along. He was beginning to feel thirsty, because the sun had decided to shine on him very early that morning. But then again, we are in Mpumalanga, he thought and chuckled to himself.

Baska thought ignoring Tyson would do the trick, but trouble ensued when they reached Extension Five, their final destination. Now Tyson was the only passenger left in the taxi.

Tyson moved closer, so he sat right behind Baska and patted him on the shoulder.

“My brother, I know your story and so does anyone with eyes and ears. All I can say is you should take this as a blessing because if I were in your shoes, I know I would milk that money cow until it runs dry.”

Baska listened to Tyson, parking the taxi on the side of the road so he didn’t block any traffic. It was still early in the morning and there were hardly any school kids walking past; only the latecomers were still making their way to school. The rest of the students and workers were already doing their time. Baska waited to hear where Tyson was going with his argument.

“I have a kid myself, with a married woman,” Tyson continued. “She is a nurse at Bethal Private Hospital and even though I hardly see my kid, I’m happy because I’m still reaping the benefits of knocking her up. We get together every now and then for dates at fancy restaurants and she pays. Even the clothes I wear, I get the money to buy them from her. She spoils me rotten – so much so, that I don’t even mind having her raise my kid with her husband.”

“Don’t you wish to spend time with your kid? Don’t you miss him?” asked Baska in a concerned tone.

Tyson just smiled and pointed at his watch. “Not really, but when I do, I just look at my gold Rolex and I forget all about my kid. To me this gold Rolex is my most precious possession.”

Baska turned to Tyson, surprised. “You must be joking! You would rather have material possessions over your own flesh and blood? Don’t you think that is insane and materialistic?”

Tyson looked out the window “My brother, have you ever owned a gold Rolex watch? Can’t you see I am wearing Nike from head to toe? Are you telling me no-one out there envies me and wishes they too can be in my shoes? You better look at me twice, this is real Nike. What would claiming that kid do for me, besides bringing me a heap of trouble? Do I look like daddy material to you?”

Baska shook his head, shocked by what Tyson had just said. “But bro that’s your seed, you brought that kid into existence, you have a certain responsibility to uphold, to take care of your child.”

“Said who?” asked Tyson. “Bro, I have a reputation to maintain and all the benefits I reap from the nurse help me keep up that reputation. What’s the point in raising your own kid when there’s a sucker who is willing to do that for you? All I am saying is take the money and stop acting like a damn fool.”

“What money? No-one has offered me anything. And even if they did, I don’t think my forefathers would approve of me trading my own flesh and blood for money,” replied Baska.

“Well then my friend you’re more naive than I initially thought. You should ask for the money from Zanele’s parents and sure enough they will give it to you. With that being said I have to run now; my ladies await me. Just think about what I said – you could be one of the richest guys in Mrova, you only need to ask,” Tyson said.

As he got off the taxi, Tyson shook his head. “What a basket case, a complete moron,” he murmured to himself, loud enough so Baska could hear..


Tell us: Do you think expensive clothes and watches is worth more than a relationship with your children?