‘Tease’ – that’s what my fashion house is called. That’s what the labels on my clothing state. Clever, don’t you think, since they are all designed by Tee?

Polelo Jaba’s establishment is called ‘Total Package’. How uninspired and nerdy is that? As uninspired and nerdy as her designs. Which is why she tries to steal my ideas. From way back. Even at school.

Strangely, we went to the same school, Polelo and I. Spes Bona Secondary there on Sixteenth Avenue. And we were rivals back then too. In Home Economics classes. In Art classes. She would get highest marks for Theory. I would get prizes for Creativity and Flair.

“You watch, Charity,” she said one break-time, straightening her school tunic, taking a sip from her Coke can. No wonder she was overweight! “One day I will run a famous fashion house. Actresses and politicians will come to me, begging for their red-carpet outfits. You’ll be left in the dust!”

“Dream on,” I answered. “And don’t call me ‘Charity’. Besides, Rosie and I are already on our way.”

“Rosie! What use is she? She can’t draw a tree so you can recognise it! And you can hardly use her as a model with that big, fat butt of hers.”

That got me mad. No-one insults my little sis!

“What do you know, Polelo? Your only good ideas are the ones you copy from me.” With that I got up and knocked her Coke all over her school tunic. Accidently on purpose.

“Ooops! So sorry, Polelo! So clumsy of me!”

Well, you get the picture.

And now both Tease and Total Package are busy putting together their Spring Collections for the Awards. And I know – I just totally know – I will be overall winner. By far! I have worked so hard. Late into the night!

I’m trying to dust the sprinkles of talcum powder off my navy suit. For some strange reason, Rosie insists on wearing baby powder rather than regular perfume. And believe me, I have bought her every fragrance known to man. Well, woman. Every birthday, every Christmas, I wrap up a Coco Chanel or a Tom Ford or J’adore. But no, she comes into the office next day, still smelling of Johnson’s Baby Powder!

Rosie is still prattling on now about her surprise. As we reach her office area, I notice a strange smell – and it’s not her talc. In fact, it is a familiar smell, yet it is definitely not the kind of smell that belongs in the offices of an up-and-coming fashion house.

What on earth is it?

The next second, though, I forget all about that smell. Because I am looking through the glass window into my office – where my Spring Collection sketches are spread out across my office desk. And I can’t believe what I am seeing.

“Rosie, are you insane?” I’m screaming at her now. “How can you be so stupid? I swear, Sis, this time you’ve gone too far. You are beyond useless! You’re fired – just the minute the Spring show is over!”


Tell us: What parts of Tee’s personality do you admire? And which of her personality traits do you find bad?