Speedkop was at his peak. He made money left, right and centre without any sign of relapsing into misdeeds. His family couldn’t be more proud of him. He got up early to take his kids to school and never missed a single parents’ meeting. His kids were really impressed by him and his wife had forgiven him for everything that he had done.

One day he was on his way back from delivering the last group of church members to Rockville, Tsakane. While he was driving up Ndabezitha Street he figured he would get petrol from Chris’s petrol station. As he was about to pass Sotho Street he saw a couple of his old buddies from high school carrying a bunch of black duffle bags. They too recognised him, only they were headed in the opposite direction.

He stopped and talked to Gerrad’, Mbuti and Skomoki and they reminisced about their past. Gerrad’ asked for a lift in exchange for R500. Speedkop agreed. From a business perspective, there was no problem with doing it.

“Askies mfowethu sesimoshile emuva indaba kuwe ibhodlela kodwa nawe sikushiyele elakho, (Sorry brother, we made a mess at the back, we spilled a bottle. But don’t worry we also left you a bottle,)” said Mbuti as they were exiting the taxi at the end of the trip.

Speedkop quickly went to the back to check the spill and found out it wasn’t that bad. Then he found the bottle they left for him. A bottle of whiskey: Jack Daniel’s. He put it on the seat next to him and kept looking at it as he drove.

As he was driving towards the petrol station he was cut off by a Golf 7. He gave the driver the middle finger. The Golf 7 stopped and reversed, then three guys jumped out brandishing guns. They took all the money Speedkop had in the taxi. But they left the whiskey bottle, just to tempt him.

When he got back to the church he parked the taxi and looked at the whiskey bottle.

He hesitated then picked it up and took it into the church. He needed to have a heart-to-heart with the man upstairs. He sat down with the whiskey bottle next to him and started to think about his life and his drinking. He had lost himself and he realised he didn’t love himself any more.

He remembered that promise he made to himself to always protect his family. How he had loved his family more than anything and how he had sworn to go to the ends of the world to please them.

He realised it wasn’t too late. He could still live up to his name ‘family guy’.


Tell us: How do you think Speedkop can live up to his name ‘family guy’?