Speedkop had begun to look like a typical local thug because of the constant drinking. He had been drinking heavily on a daily basis ever since he got fired from work.

Speedkop still had some money left; enough to hold him down for a few more weeks, even months if he didn’t keep on with his frivolous spending. He was starting to feel as though he was losing his connection with his friends from Mashona. So he took them out to Carnival Mall to get new clothes and shoes. They didn’t want to be seen until they put on their new expensive clothes. Speedkop also took them to East Gate Mall in Jo’burg to buy them the finest bottles of whiskey to accompany their new clothes and new image.

As the weekend approached, Speedkop realised he was running out of money and had not done anything for his family. So he decided to do what all the folks from Mashona do when they try to do right by you, which is throw a party for everyone. That coming weekend Speedkop planned a surprise party for his family and invited everyone to come and witness him spoil his wife and kids. But he also made the mistake of inviting some of the friends who introduced him to Springs Hotel. The party went well until his friends showed up with some of the call girls from the hotel.

People from Mashona could identify call girls in an instant: it was obvious in everything from the clear high heels they wore to the type of makeup on their faces. The girls from Springs Hotel got the attention of Speedkop’s brother-in-law, maTennis, a local stoner and drunkard.

maTennis approached the girls and introduced himself. One girl who seemed very happy to be there caught his eye with her dance moves. He moved in close to try to dance with her,  but she blew him off.

He got mad and said, “Enhlek nina ningabobani futhi nimemwe wubani? (Who the hell are you girls and who invited you?)”

Portia, Speedkop’s favourite, turned to maTennis and said, “Shem bhuti ungasiphapheli ngoba awusazi kanjalo. (Brother, please don’t plan to crawl under our skin because you don’t know us like that.)”

“Yini ngathi niyadelela, nizengobani lana? Niyamazi usbari uMshengu? (I think you girls are full of it. Who do you know here? Do you know my brother-in-law, Mshengu?)” asked maTennis.

“Yes, actually we are all sleeping with him,” replied Portia and all the other call girls laughed.

maTennis was fuming and went straight to Speedkop.

“How could you do this to my sister, you dirty bastard?! Damn call girls of all people!”

“I don’t know what those girls said to you but it’s a lie, I swear on my grandpa’s grave!” replied Speedkop.

“You filthy liar!” said maTennis, throwing a bottle of whiskey at him. It landed directly on Speedkop’s head. The bottle hit him so hard that it broke into several pieces. Speedkop fell to the ground. maTennis began beating him with his fists on his head and neck. There was blood everywhere. Blow by blow, Speedkop began to lose consciousness and then everything faded to black.


Tell us: How could Speedkop have avoided this situation?