February 2017

7 February 2017. Christo Ndlovu! My new fellow-Grade 7 teacher. What can I say about him? He sits in the staff room surrounded by all us females. And he looks totally at home, totally relaxed. Half of them are already half-way in love with him. Even Daphne, who is past fifty! Well, I have to admit, he’s really handsome. Tall and well-built and good looking – what’s not to like?

And friendly and courteous too. He and I spend our breaks discussing the Grade 7 syllabus – just like Miss Motaneko and I used to do. But now those discussions are fun and light-hearted. This is going to be a great year!

Yes, for sure it was great working alongside Christo. Not that I was in love with him or any such nonsense. Absolutely not! I mean, I was a happily married woman. And Christo knew that – I told him all about Jonas.

No, I left the romantic yearnings to Angie, our Grade 2 teacher. And for sure, she had some romantic yearnings when it came to Christo!

“Oh Christo, won’t you come help me open the window? I’m battling – and you’re so strong!” she asked one morning. She fluttered her eyelashes at him. Angie has amazing eyelashes.

Christo smiled down at her. He has an amazing smile. I felt a little side-lined, like an intruder, standing there in the passage between the pair of them. But as he followed her towards her classroom, he turned to wink at me. And suddenly I didn’t feel like an intruder any longer.

And later that day, when our Headmistress asked Christo to come to her office, he smiled down at her – with exactly the same amazing smile he’d given Angie.

* * * * *

“So what’s your new Grade 7 teacher like?” asked Jonas, a few days after the term began.

I tried not to sound too enthusiastic. “He’s nice enough. I think it will be a good year, working together.”

“He?” Jonas echoed. “He? Lucky man, surrounded by a staff of women!”

Maybe I should have pretended Christo was a woman? After all, I know Jonas has a jealous streak. I decided I wouldn’t mention Christo again at home. I didn’t need any more drama in my marriage.

But still there was drama, later that month. Not because of Christo, but because of finances.

“How could you spend so much on clothes, Harmony? This is crazy!” He was flapping the credit card bill at me

“But, Jonas, I always buy a few outfits at the start of the year.”

“Why? Your cupboard is full of clothes. Don’t you think it’s time you started being more responsible about money?”

That was so unfair, I didn’t even try to answer him. I turned and walked away.

28 February 2017. What is it with Jonas, moaning about money? We’ve never had an issue about money before.

Oh and let me tell you what Christo said to our Head! It was so funny. The whole atmosphere in the staffroom has changed now he is here …


Tell us: Do you think Harmony is being honest when she says she has no romantic feelings towards Christo?