Chelsea was surprised when she saw Busi and Nomsa at the Hot Spot Night Club. Well, she was surprised when she saw Busi. Nomsa had not been at the school long, but she had been there long enough to gain herself quite a reputation. Chelsea knew that Busi was the daughter of the Headmaster and one of the teachers. As far as she knew Busi was a hard worker, who had won many prizes at the end of her Grade Eight year. She was probably just fifteen now.

Chelsea wondered if she should have approached Busi when she had seen her alone outside, standing with a guy a lot older than her. Busi had looked a little nervous and scared, as the guy grabbed her in a way that she seemed uncomfortable with. Who was he? He looked familiar. The name would come to her…

Chelsea had been just about to make her move when Nomsa had returned with the other guy – also familiar looking. She’d noticed that Nomsa was sucking bottles of cooler dry at an alarming rate.

So Chelsea had changed her mind. A girl like Nomsa was guaranteed to always make a scene. Chelsea could just imagine the embarrassing yelling Nomsa might do if she dared to say any words of warning to Busi, with Nomsa within earshot. Chelsea’s boyfriend was making demands anyway. He wanted to go back inside the club – he wanted to have her to himself one way or another.

“Why do you keep looking at those girls anyway?” he had asked, irritated.

Chelsea could feel his hands moving around her body, urging her to give him all the attention that he craved. Her boyfriend had probably had enough to drink himself.

Chelsea managed to keep him at bay long enough to see Nomsa and Busi and the two guys they were with, arms linked, walk around the corner into a side street.

Chelsea lingered longer on the pavement, resisting her boyfriend pulling her back towards the club. It was long enough to see the low black sports car shooting like a bullet from the darkness, and turn into the Main Road with a loud screech of tyres.

Chelsea caught a glimpse of Nomsa and Busi thrown back on their seat, Nomsa with her mouth wide open, laughing at the moon.

It was only about five minutes later that Chelsea was startled to glimpse, through the crowd of dancing bodies, another figure that she instantly recognised. Mr Jakob Dlamini, the Headmaster. He stood on the edge of the dance floor, blinking against the flashing, spinning lights inside the club. His eyes were searching amongst the people, his forehead furrowed in a deep frown. The doorman was at his side, tugging at his arm, and Mr Dlamini was shaking him off.

Chelsea pushed her way towards him.

“Mr Dlamini!” she shouted at him, as she got near.


Chelsea saw a flash of recognition, and relief pass across Mr Dlamini’s features. She knew what he was there for.

“Busi and Nomsa have just left,” she shouted close to his ear.

Mr Dlamini was already moving backwards, towards the door, and Chelsea followed him.

Nolitha saw Chelsea and her husband coming towards the car. Chelsea was talking, moving her hands, and her husband was frowning. Frowning and shaking his head while he rushed towards his wife.

Jakob opened the car door and climbed in. Chelsea lingered on the pavement, her arms suddenly limp, before she turned back to the club.

Jakob drove off in silence; Nolitha waited for him to speak.

“They were here,” said Jakob eventually, “but they left with two men. The Shabalala cousins. Chelsea saw them go. They left in a black sports car.”


Tell us what you think: Did Chelsea do the right thing by ‘telling on’ the girls to Busi’s father? Is it any of her business?