22 October

Dear Fortune,

Today Zindzi, Lily and Erin came over and guess what????? Erin brought hair dyes!

I was all, “What’s the dye for? You know colouring your hair at school is against the dress code.”

And she smirked, and said it was for our armpits and that nobody says anything about armpit hair in the school’s dress code. She showed us the whole video on the internet about how to do it, too. None of us have much hair there, but her point was – if we’re not allowed to shave then we might as well have some fun.

So we did it. Not that we have much, but there is SOME, and you’ve got to work with what you have. And let me tell you, the bleach you have to put on before the dye stings like a nest of hornets got in there. OUCH! No wonder the videos warn you to be careful. But after that it was fine.

Lily picked red, which was BIG mistake. It looked like her armpit was bleeding. So she said she would shave her armpits, and then Erin pointed out that would only look worse, because some of her skin got dyed red too, so then everybody would think she cut herself while shaving.

Mine, however, is this beautiful dark blue. Zindzi’s few strands are purple. And Erin’s is this crazy mermaid green – I LOVE IT.

Now just to hide it from my parents. But as long as I avoid sleeveless shirts and white tops, should be okay.

23 October

Dear Fortune,

So we DID IT! None of our parents noticed. Got to school, and of course the first time one of us raised a hand, everybody could see the colour right through the white shirts of our uniform.

One girl sneered at Erin, “What have you done?”

Erin rolled her eyes. “You all are so not woke. Don’t you know anything?”

Mrs Dekker, our maths teacher, was not happy with us, however, and sent us back to the Head’s office. But Miss Xingwana told us she was not, “policing learners’ armpit hair” and wrote a note to Mrs Dekker saying exactly that.

Well … not exactly that. Lily, sneaky girl she is, peeked at the note. Miss Xingwana wrote to Mrs Dekker:

I do not give notice to people’s armpit hair, either young or old, and strongly suggest you do the same.


So for the rest of the day, anytime somebody would come up to us and ask about it, we’d just go, “Get woke.”

They didn’t seem to know what to do about that.


Tell us: What do you think about people dying their armpit hair?