18 October

Dear Fortune,

So Zindzi got in SO MUCH TROUBLE for shaving her legs. She isn’t allowed her phone for two weeks. Then her mama called mine and my mama said to me, “If you shave, what happened to Zindzi will look like nothing compared to what I will do!”

Lily’s mama let her shave. Erin’s didn’t. So now it is only Erin and me getting called “Jungle Jane”.

Only good thing about this is my brother Mvuyisi called me “Jungle Jane” at dinner. Let me tell you, those big brown eyes didn’t do NOTHING for him this time. Daddy sent him to his room and said, “No TV for a week.” He has to sit in his room in the evenings while the rest of watch all our favourite shows.


19 October

Dear Fortune,

Erin’s mama called mine and then one of them – or both – contacted the school. The head, Miss Xingwana, called Erin and me in, to talk to us. She listened to what we had to say, and said it sounds very hard. But it doesn’t sound like she is going to do much. Instead, she gave us these pamphlets on what to do if you are teased.

Here are the tips:
1. Don’t listen to the teasing. Pretend nobody said anything.
2. Don’t get angry.
3. Walk away.
4. Or try making jokes.
5. Focus on your real friends.

Erin and I promised we’d try. We’re going to share the list with Lily and Zindzi too. I mean, Lily might not care, but as soon as Zindzi’s leg hair grows back, she’s going to be hearing “Jungle Jane” too.

But here is what I don’t understand. Why are WE being given the advice? Why doesn’t the school tell Prisha and Mary-Beth and Babotse, who started all of this, to shut their mouths. Where is their pamphlet?

Because I got to tell you, Fortune, this is messed up. THEY should have to see the Head, not us.



Tell us: What do you think of Miss Xingwana’s advice? Will those tactics work? Or is Landisa right, that the school should be focusing on the girls who started the teasing?