Taylor wakes up sweating and panting. Marcus and Jay were in jail in her dream. They were wearing jail outfits and eating jail food. She tries to fight it but she knows that this is a vision of the future.

She is scared. But Ma once told her that the future is determined by a series of decisions. This dream only means that the decision that would lead to this outcome has been made. But they can still change their minds, and she needs make sure that they do.

The only problem is that she is not allowed to tell the people she dreams about what their future is. They have to come to the decision without knowing so that it can be a true decision. If she tells them, it will ruin the intention and they will just make the same decision in the future.

Taylor has no plan and a huge headache. She needs to talk to Tylinn.

“I knew it!” Tylinn seems less surprised by Taylor’s dream than she expected.

“How did you know? Wait a minute, what do you know?”

“I knew that Marcus and Jay were going to try a hustle to make money for the ball.”

“Wait, how did you know?” Taylor is made of questions, but she trusts her sister. Tylinn has this supernatural way of reading people. It is impressive.

“Marcus keeps going on about how Darryl and his friends always have the best clothes and the best phones. I could see that it was making him sad and angry that he couldn’t have what they have. And Jay doesn’t like losing. You know how he is. Plus, Marcus and Jay probably think that the Dirty Kidz are running a hustle to get the money for all their nice things.”

Tylinn really is good. Taylor knows that she can help her convince the boys to stop whatever they are planning.

“But Tylinn, we all know they are running a hustle. Where would they get the money? Everybody here is broke.”

“That’s the thing. There is no evidence to suggest that they are. If they were breaking into houses, we would have heard stories of break-ins. If they were mugging people, we would have heard stories of muggings. And plus, no one has the behaviour of a criminal in that group. Running a hustle would have changed their behaviour. They aren’t more violent or scared. They are just themselves.”

“They are brekkerig.”

“Ja, well, that is to be expected. They are behaving more like cheeseboys than criminals. It’s just Darryl that’s weird but he has always been like that. If anyone is running a hustle, it will be him.”

“But it’s not him because his uncle would have shown everyone the money by now.”


“Wait, what if Darryl is blackmailing people to send him money?”

“Blackmail? Who blackmails people? What would he blackmail them with? He isn’t Olivia Pope’s father?”

“True, but there must be a way that he is getting people to willingly give him their money.”

“I don’t know, man. I’m more worried about our own friends. Darryl’s day will come.”

After much debate, Tylinn convinces Taylor to leave it be until they figure out exactly what Jay and Marcus are planning. They have to play it cool or risk losing their friends to a jail cell. Taylor will wait for a sign from Tylinn in her dreams.

Tylinn asks Marcus and Jay to come to the park to their favourite spot by the swings. The friends have been sitting and planning their futures there since they were six years old and all still had their parents.

She is worried that they will do something silly and ruin their whole lives — and Taylor’s dream just confirms that. Jay doesn’t even understand the full extent of his powers yet and now he could be going to jail.

“Ouens, what’s the move?” Tylinn pretends that she too is tired of looking and being broke. She tells them that she wants to get this girl in the popular group but she needed money to take her out.

“It’s simple, really,” Marcus starts explaining. “They keep the church-offering money at Aunty Bella’s house next door. We are going to visit Aunty Bella, distract her, and take it.”

Tylinn is shaken by what Marcus and Jay are proposing.

She tells her sister. “Taylor, I know we can’t interfere directly, but we need to do something.”

Both of them can see how this will lead to that jail cell in Taylor’s dream. The twins quickly make a plan that will try to discourage the boys while not messing with their decision-making. It is simple, really: Taylor is going to talk to Jay’s mother in the dream world and ask her to talk to him. Tylinn will build a jail cell in one of Marcus’ dreams.

“Hopefully being in jail in his dream will scare him away from jail in real life.” Taylor looks at Tylinn with fear in her eyes.

Tell us: Do you think dreams can have supernatural meanings, or help you to make decisions?