“You’re dancing so brilliantly these days, Lesedi,” Tibuyile says, still breathing hard as they move aside to make room for the next group of dancers rehearsing. “Everyone is talking about it.”

“And you’ve always been brilliant,” Lesedi responds, beginning her warm-down exercises.

“Thank you.” Tibuyile’s small triangular face is lit with laughter. “The handsome dude from contemporary clearly suits you better than Bheka did — just as Pitso suits me better.”

“Poor Bheka.” Lesedi shakes her head.

“Don’t feel too sorry for him. He made a nuisance of himself after I broke up with him, wouldn’t stop contacting me, trying to get me to change my mind. It went on for ages, before I got him to stop. I only hope you’re not going through the same thing.”

“He was a bit of a pain at first, but then he stopped, partly because I blocked him.” Lesedi hesitates. “If you don’t mind my asking, why did you break up? Don’t answer that if you’d rather not.”

Tibuyile shrugs. “He had this cray-cray idea that he and I could set up our own touring dance company, with the two of us as the only dancers. He thought we could get a couple of famous international dancers to fund us. Like, what was he thinking? I mean, two student dancers no one has ever heard of?”

“With me it was leaving the Academy and becoming an influencer couple.” Lesedi and Tibuyile share a smile. “He wants the good life without putting in the work, right? I don’t know what he’s doing now.”

“I wouldn’t worry. His parents are…not exactly rich, but comfortable. They’re supporting him financially. That’s why he was always shopping for stuff and never bothered with part-time jobs.”

Lesedi thinks of the worried, middle-aged couple who came to the Academy when Bheka pulled his disappearing act. She hopes they are still supporting him. He will find life very hard if he suddenly has to rely on himself.

Getting back to the Yeoville flat later, she finds she has spoken too soon, telling Tibuyile that Bheka is no longer hounding her. Here is, waiting outside the flat — and Mariel is ducking into the flat, leaving her to deal with him on her own.

“How are you, babe?” Bheka’s smile is at its most charming. “Isn’t it time you started taking my calls again?”

“Not if you’re going to start harassing me like you did before.” Lesedi is cool.

His smile vanishes. “That contemporary dance person is the wrong man for you, Lesedi, I guarantee it. I know you’re seeing him, but you need to end it. You’ll regret it if you don’t, I promise, because denying your true destiny brings bad things down on you.”

“No Bheka.” She speaks firmly, although his words have scared her, convincing her that it was he who left the owl feathers here. “Siboniso is totally right for me. Now please go away.”

Yes, Siboniso is right for her. The way her heart skips and dances when she first sees him on his return from Emalahleni confirms it.

Tell us: Should Lesedi take some sort of action against Bheka, and if so, what?