Jonasi goes back home and waters the plants as his father instructed him to. His head is spinning from the smoke and he lies down on his bed and falls asleep.

He is asleep when Mrs Mangilasi returns from her stokvel in the early evening. She puts her handbag in her bedroom and goes to take a shower. When she comes back to the sitting room in her nightgown she is holding a DVD in her hand.

“I want to watch this music video before I go to sleep,” she says to her husband, who has just walked in. “It’s a gift from a friend. It’s traditional dance troupes from all across southern Africa.”

“It sounds good,” he says. “I’ll join you.”

When she goes to the entertainment system she sees the DVD player is gone.

They both stare at the blank space where the system used to be. Mrs Mangilasi strides down the passage and knocks on Jonasi’s door.

“Jonasi. Where’s my DVD player?” There is no answer. “Can you open this door please!” she shouts.

After a moment, he opens the door. He is rubbing his eyes, which are red, and his vision is blurred. He raises his arms and yawns.

“What are you saying, mom?” he mumbles. “Do you have to shout? I was in a deep sleep.”

“I need my DVD player. Where is it? Bring it please.”

“It’s in the usual place,” he says, his voice sleepy. “Isn’t it there? Have you checked?”

“I thought you took it to watch movies in your bedroom.”

“No, mom. You know I’ve never done that before. Besides, I don’t have a TV set in my room.”

Jonasi follows her to the living room and she points at where the DVD player should be.

“You see?”

“I don’t understand … it was there …”

“Did you go out today?”

“Yes …”

“Did you close and lock the door? Did you make sure it was locked?”

“Mom, I locked it. I usually do.”

“Don’t tell me about what you usually do,” she says. “You are careless. Look now – thieves have walked away with my DVD player!”

Mr Mangilasi gets up from his sofa and shakes his head. “This has gone on long enough. ” He turns to his son.

“Darling! Please, darling,” Mrs Mangilasi pleads with him.

“Soon I am going to kick this little thief” – he stabs his finger at Jonasi – “out of my house! He lacks morals. He bites the hand that feeds him.”

Tell us: What do you think will happen next?