Ledimo had been a trusted helper of the Lamola family. They had hired him when he was only fourteen, after his grandmother died leaving him an orphan. He stayed in the Lamola’s backroom and they paid for his high school education. When he was sixteen years old he dropped out of school but they kept him on and paid him for his work.

What they didn’t know was that he harboured anger inside him; he wanted to be treated like their own son and not work like the other taxi drivers. He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t treated like Tebatšo, their golden daughter. He was jealous of her.

Unfortunately, Tebatšo didn’t know how he felt about her. She saw him as the brother she’d never had.

One hot day, when her parents were not home and the taxi drivers were at work, she decided to rest in the sitting room with the door wide open. She had been studying hard for her matric exams all day.

Her parents had always warned her not to leave the front door open because there were many young men working for them who might be tempted. “You never know what will happen with boys,” her father used to say.

That day, Tebatšo didn’t mind, for she knew Ledimo was outside working in the garden; he would protect her.

Ledimo was watering flowers on the veranda when he saw her lying on a mat. Her long light thighs looked so smooth and she was lying with her arms outstretched, sleeping. As usual, he couldn’t help but spy on her. He looked around to see if there was someone coming; the coast was clear. He tiptoed inside and stood next to her, staring down lustfully at her as she slept.

He knelt down and was just about to feel her smooth skin when the sound of the gate opening interrupted him. He quickly jumped up , hurried to the kitchen, and poured cold water from the fridge.

Ledimo’s desire for Tebatšo grew every time he saw her. One day he would get a chance to tell her how he felt about her, he told himself.

Well, that chance came as a gift, when one night, Tebatšo came knocking on his door. She was coming from a ‘Pens Down’ party, after finishing her matric exams. The party was hosted by one of the classmates and ended late, just after midnight.

Her friends had dropped her in front of the locked gate to her house and left. She knew her father would give her a hiding if he found her there, for he had lectured her on the consequences of drinking alcohol. It was that reason that made her go to Ledimo’s dilapidated RDP house.

Ledimo’s gate was not locked as usual and she entered and tapped on the door.

“Who is it, man!” Ledimo yelled, annoyed.

“It’s me, Tebatšo,” she slurred.

Ledimo jumped from his bed and went to the door.

“Tebatšo … Where do you come from at this time?” he asked as she staggered inside. “Banna! Are you drunk? Have you started drinking?”

“May I please sleep here? My father will kill me if he sees me like this.” She slumped down on the worn-out sofa.

“You can’t sleep there, come with me.”

Ledimo carried Tebatšo to his bedroom. Her eyes were half open and she was barely conscious from drinking so much. “We were celebrating our freedom, buti Ledimo. Finally, I’m done …” she slurred. The moment he laid her down on the bed she was dead to the world and started snoring.

Ledimo looked at her curvaceous body. His blood ran in his veins. Slowly, he knelt down and kissed her lips gently. Tebatšo didn’t respond. He licked her cheek. She muttered ‘No’ and tried to swat him away, her eyes still closed. He stopped for a second, staring at her smooth light face. He brushed her thighs. Once again she complained, sleeping.

Then he was on top of her. She forced her eyes open and spat at his face. She tried to struggle but it was like her limbs wouldn’t move.

“What are you doing? No! Stop!” she cried.

“Why? I thought that’s what you wanted, mos! Why would you come here if you didn’t want this?”

“I just want to sleep. Please, I’m tired, buti Ledimo,” she begged, pushing him away.

“You’re mad, ngwana towe! Who do you think you are, playing with my feelings like this?” he forced another kiss but she turned her face aside.

“Stop! No! Help!” she managed to scream.

“Shut up!” he pressed his left hand over Tebatšo’s mouth, pulling down his underwear with the other.

Tebatšo tried to push him away but his tall, muscular body was too big for her and he raped her.


Tell us: What do you think will happen to Ledimo and Tebatšo now?