Thandi sat back and closed her eyes. She could hardly believe she was finally here. Everything had worked out so well. Not even the secretary had been angry at her, and instead of accusing her of being a thief, had actually seemed pleased with her when she returned the pendant, safe and sound, on Monday morning.

She had even trusted Mark enough to let him help her with the raffle, and all the rest of the tickets had been sold.

Thandi felt a warm hand slide over hers and opened her eyes. Mark, seated next to her, smiled.

Themba was in prison at last. The assault on Nomsa, together with the theft of the pendant, was enough to ensure that he was going to be put away for a long, long time.

Thandi sighed, thinking of Avile and Nomsa, safe at last. Nomsa had had quite a few stitches above her eye, but Thandi had noticed that she seemed much stronger now, more sure of herself.

The aeroplane was taking off. She clenched the armrests tightly. Mark was grinning. It was Mark who had made sure that she got a window seat.

Thandi looked out to see the city that she called home slipping away beneath her. Up and up they flew, until they were far above the clouds.

“We’re in Dreamland now,” said Thandi softly, closing her eyes again.

For the first time in years Nomsa had begun to speak of her own dreams again. Thandi felt sure that this time, she would attain them.

One thing was for certain, Thandi would be there to help Nomsa every step of the way.

She would be there for little Avile too, of course. She already had plans to buy Avile a miniature Spanish football jersey. Thandi smiled to herself, just imagining how cute he would look in it.

“What are you smiling about?” asked Mark, his lips very close to her ear.

“Oh, that would be telling,” said Thandi, noticing again how her heart skipped a beat every time Mark leant against her.

“You are in big danger girl,” Thandi heard Thandeka’s voice. Thandi had last seen Thandeka at the party at Mark’s house. “You better watch yourself in Spain girl. It’s more than bulls that you’re going to be fighting off!”

Thandi smiled again. She was going to miss Thandeka, but in two weeks she’d be back.

Spain was waiting for her. Her new school was waiting for her. Nomsa and Avile and her Mom were waiting for her. Thandeka was waiting.

Mark had been prepared to wait for her, and here he was, holding her hand tight.

Thandi knew that she herself was no longer in waiting.

Thandi felt just like the aeroplane.

She was flying high – full throttle, and full speed ahead.


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