“What’s wrong?” Khotso asked, seeing Modi’s shock.

She hesitated. “It’s just … You must know you have a certain reputation. But here you are, talking about what sort of father you’ll be to your children. It doesn’t exactly tie in with the playa everyone says you are.”

He laughed. “What everyone says is right, but only in a way – and only for now. I love and respect women, and I’m enjoying … playing the field, as they call it. But all that stops when I meet my future wife. The One, Ms Right, whatever. I don’t really believe in love at first sight, so I think it will be a gradual realisation that there’s someone I want to share my life with. I’m a bit young right now, but of course I want to marry and have a family someday.”

Modi swallowed hard. This was the last thing she had expected. Her feelings were a confused tangle.

But it was OK, wasn’t it? As long as he didn’t decide she was the One. Should she warn him? No, why should she imagine she might turn out to be any more special than the other women who attracted him? She wasn’t that conceited.

“Yoh! You said the M word,” she teased, deciding it was best to keep things light. “Mostly it’s men ready to run a mile the second a girl’s thoughts seem to be turning in that direction.”

“Hey, I’ve done my share of running. I’ve known some gorgeous, smart women, but some of them have been a bit too interested in checking out wedding venues.”

“Well, you won’t get that from me, I promise you.” Modi sat back as their big platter of Mexican treats arrived.

Khotso waited until the waiter had gone, holding her gaze in a disturbingly intimate way.

“But what if I want that from you?” Something in his voice.

“You’d better not.”

Maybe a warning was necessary after all? What should she say?

Then Khotso laughed, and the moment passed.

“Don’t look so worried, girl,” he said. “We hardly know each other yet.”

After that, the evening was pure fun and flirtation. They fed each other bites from their platter, talked non-stop, and laughed a lot.

She really, really liked him, Modi admitted. It appeared to be mutual: the way he looked at her, the sexy gleam in his eyes mixed up with warm appreciation.

All she had to do was be careful emotionally – guard her heart – and this could be the adventure of her life.

She had told him she lived with her brother and his family, and he drove her home. It showed class, she thought, that on a first date he didn’t suggest rather going back to his place. It would happen for them, but not tonight.

Oh yes, it would happen, she knew for sure, yielding to his kiss outside her brother’s house. Khotso’s mouth was so warm and sure, slow and sensual, moving on hers. Then it grew more urgent as he deepened the kiss. She was melting in desire’s fire, her body liquid, and she loved it.


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