It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I had not been drinking for a while now, and was fixing myself up. I wanted to be the same person Nomtha remembered. Mom had arranged a hotel room for Nomtha and I, which felt weird to me, my mother facilitating my ‘affair’ with my brother’s wife. Nevertheless, it was something she had asked for so      I abided.

I have the reservations under your name, at the Regal Hotel

A text from my mom came in.

Nomtha will meet you there

Another one quickly followed as I was still digesting the first one.

It’s finally happening, I thought. I got ready and headed for the hotel. I got there, I waited and waited pacing the room. I wanted to call Nomtha. As I was about to do it, there was a knock on the door.

“H-h-i,” I said with both a voice of surprise and in awe, “You – you look you look beautiful,” I said with a stutter.

“Please don’t make this awkward,” Nomtha said.

“Like it isn’t,” I said almost angrily. “This is awkward Nomtha, I’m here strengthening your marriage and you’ll go back and play happy marriage with Golden Boy while I go back to my pain,” I could feel the anger coming back.

“Oh here we go again! Luphelo this, Luphelo that. Do you think you’re the only one suffering because of this? I suffer! I suffered!” she said screaming, something she rarely did. The words struck my heart, I felt remorse, and realised how selfish I had been.

“Why didn’t you leave? We had the window, we still do.”

“I can’t,” she started crying.

“I’m sorry babe” I said holding her in my arms as she cried.

“I love you Luu and you know I do, I had to do this; this is bigger than us. My family needed me to do this,” she continued, crying.

This was the second time she had been vulnerable with me and this time we were secluded and I could hold for her as long as I wished. I held her face in both my hands, dried her tears and said, “Laugh.” It always made her laugh and it worked this time too.

“You’re an idiot!” she said drying her tears with a giggle.

“And you’re a big baby!” I said laughing. The atmosphere had changed and was more relaxed; I looked at her and went in for a kiss. We kissed passionately as if we were making up for lost time. Nomtha and I lay and it brought back memories, revived something I had wanted to kill.

Nomtha and I kept seeing each other even after she was pregnant, because we never stopped loving each other.


Tell us: What do you think will happen if Sicelo finds out that Luphelo and Nomtha are still seeing each other?