Mathabo was having a nightmare. Her father was chasing her mother with a machete, trying to kill her, while Kedibone’s mother stood aside, laughing, her eyes as red as ripe tomatoes and her teeth as sharp as a shark’s.

Mathabo tried to scream for help but no voice came out. Her body was numb. Then her cellphone rang and she quickly reached for it. Whoever it was would help her mother, she thought, still dreaming.

“Babes! Your phone,” Peter mumbled, shaking her shoulder. “Babes … wake up!”

Mathabo opened her eyes, angrily. Who disturbed her dream when she was just about to save her mother? Then she heard her cellphone ringing. Maybe it wasn’t a dream? What if her mother was indeed in trouble, she wondered, her hand trembling as she grabbed the cellphone.

“Hello Mama,” she answered, her voice still sleepy.

“Mathabo ngwanaka. How are you?” There were voices and kwaito music in the background and that eased her conscience.

“I’m fine Mma. Are you still on your way to work?”

“Yes, ngwanaka. Listen. This evening I won’t be back. My boss invited me for his son’s party. He turns 21. They said I should come, and help with cooking.”

“Okay, that’s fine, Mma. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Please, take care of yourself, ngwanaka. We will talk tomorrow, wa kwa akere?”

“O lokile, Mma. Enjoy the party.”

“Le wena o itshware botse, ngwanaka. You too must behave. Don’t groove all night,” she said then paused. “Oh! By the way, your school called yesterday. They want to see me. Is there any problem?”

Mathabo felt a knot in her stomach. So, they had called her mother already?

“No. Don’t worry Mama. It’s nothing. We will talk about it when you come back,” she lied.

Her mother always told her to focus on her books, so that she wouldn’t end up like herself, with an unplanned baby instead of Matric certificate. When Mathabo had failed Grade 10 last year, her mother went crazy. She only eventually forgave her daughter because it was Mathabo’s first fail all her schooling life. Her mother had also blamed the strife between her and her husband as the cause. She hoped Mathabo would accept that they were no longer together, and do better.

“Okay! It’s fine then, ngwanaka. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Bye Mama.” Mathabo put her head on Peter’s chest and started trailing her fingertips over his six pack.

“Howzit babes?” Peter muttered with a husky voice, his left hand playing with her ear. “Did you sleep well?”

“No, I didn’t. Your girlfriend and her mother were haunting me in my dreams. I can’t believe you brought that thing into our life.” There was a rasp of anger in her voice.

“No … come on, babes,” he said, kissing her head. “I thought we spoke about that, mos. That girl was just following me. I don’t care about her.” He kissed her again. “You’re the only girl for me. The bone of my heart sweetheart. My everything.” He ran his hand down her naked body, under the blankets.

Mathabo remembered what they did last night. It was as if they had never slept together before. Peter had done things that she never thought he could do to her. The intense sexual pleasure cooled her anger and jealousy, made her forgive him, after he admitted that he did sleep with Kedibone – once.

The only problem eating Mathabo was that they didn’t use protection at all. She hadn’t taken her pill yesterday because she was angry, and Peter never used a condom. They were drunk.

“Babe, we didn’t use protection last night. What if I fall pregnant?”

“Pregnant? I thought you were on a pill, mos?”
“Yes, but I forgot to take one yesterday because my mind was … you know. Because of your affair.”

“Argh! Don’t worry, babes. It’s just one day, mos. Even if you do, there would be no problem, anyway. I can afford to take care of it. And it will make our love stronger.” He paused, kissing her breasts. “You see … I take you as my future wife. Stop worrying about useless girls. You’re mine and I’m yours. Period.” He kissed her again, gently on her lips. “How can I dump these sweet lips? Mmm?”

They continued kissing, rolling beneath the sheets. Barely able to think straight, they found themselves having sex again – without a condom.

Peter was on fire and later, they did it again.

Perhaps Peter was right – a baby was what their love needed. If she could get pregnant Peter would never leave her for that insect Kedibone, she thought, now planning to do everything in her power to keep her boyfriend.


Tell us: Do you think Mathabo should trust Peter now? And is having a baby now a good idea?