“Babes, are you fine? Babes!” Peter’s words brought Mathabo back to the present, wiping the smile off her face. “What are you thinking about, bae?” he asked, giving her another bottle of cider.

Mathabo took the cider, frowning. “Is it true, Peter? Is it true that you’re cheating on me?”

“What!” Peter backed away, shocked.

“Are you, Peter? Tell me?!” she yelled, attracting attention from a group of young men sitting at the far corner.

“Look bae, I can see that you’re angry. Let’s just leave this for now. We will talk later. Please babes. I beg you.” Peter hurried back to his post.

A cloud of anger covered her heart. This was proof enough! Peter was cheating on her. Not only that, but it was with the daughter of the very same whore who took her father away. The irony! The insult! Mathabo felt like breaking everything in that tavern – but forced herself to calm down, just because of her love for him.

“Babes. I think you should go home and change now,” Peter said after some time. “I’ll be done with my shift soon. I want us to go somewhere together and speak,” he said as he threw his eyes to his wrist watch. It was six, and the winter sun was already dead.

Mathabo was feeling tipsy; the cider was doing its work. She slowly stepped down from the bar stool. Peter slung her schoolbag over his shoulder and walked her towards the door, his left hand gently on her back.

They were about to step out when suddenly Kedibone appeared with her friends, laughing joyfully.

Mathabo froze. Her eyes narrowed as she met Kedibone’s. The woman stared back at her, silently. So, was this the reason Peter wanted her gone? She could not believe her boyfriend was chasing her away so that he could enjoy himself with that pig, Kedibone.

“Babes, what’s wrong? Come … let’s go,” Peter said, grabbing Mathabo’s wrist.

“Leave me, Peter!” she fumed, pulling her arm away. “So this is how things are, hee? You wanted me away so that you can entertain this pig!” she yelled, sweeping her big eyes from Kedibone’s head, down her white cropped shirt and blue jeans and yellow high heels.

“What’s your problem, wena?” Kedibone asked, hands aggressively on her hips.

“You’re sleeping with my boyfriend, phoofolo towe!” she said and stepped towards Kedibone. Their eyes locked.

“What!?” Peter jumped between the girls, his hands on Mathabo’s shoulders, looking into her eyes. “No babes. That’s not …”

Mathabo pushed him, hard, sending him reeling backwards. “Wena!” she said, stepping forward again, her index finger pointing into Kedibone’s dark face. “Today you’ll know me. Don’t think I’m like my mother. I won’t let you take my man like that.” She shoved Kedibone with both hands on the chest, ready for a fight.

“What shall you do? Mmm! O tla dira eng? Tell me,” Kedibone said and pushed her back.

“I’ll beat you! Ke tla go sehlefatša sesi!” Mathabo shouted, trying to balance.

“Wa betha mang? You must be crazy, girl. Is he your husband? Mmm? Show me your ring then. Fool! I gave him what he wanted. Raw. Akere wena you are failing to do that?”

Mathabo jumped towards Kedibone, ready to pull the hair from her scalp.

Peter rushed in, grabbed his girlfriend, restraining her with both arms. He dragged her outside as she continued hurling insults. “Stop it, babes. Why are you causing a scene?”

“Let go Peter! Leave me alone!”

Peter pinned her against the wall. “Listen to me, babes. Listen!” he yelled, trying to stop her struggling out of his strong hands. “I love you, babes. No-one will ever take me away from you. Believe me.”

Mathabo stopped, and glared at her boyfriend, tears rolling down her light cheeks as Kedibone and her friends’ mocking laughter blinded her. She screamed, “Why!? Why Peter? How could you do this to me, especially with this girl, after everything her mother did to my family?”

“Sshh! Stop crying, babes. I beg you. We will talk about this. Don’t cry, please,” Peter pressed her hard against his body, his hand fondling the back of her head. Mathabo sobbed, trying to regain her strength.

“Come … let’s go to the back room and talk.” He put his arm around her waist as they walked away towards the back of the tavern.


Tell us: What do you think of Mathabo trying to physically fight Kedibone? Acceptable, or not?