The rocket zooms towards Earth.
“I want to get home now,” says Reyhaan.
“I think we are very close,” Maya says.
To everyone’s relief, the computer announces, ‘LANDING. WELCOME BACK TO EARTH.’

The three of them rush out of the ship into Maya and Reyhaan’s backyard. They are stunned by the chilly winds that hit their faces.
“Didn’t we leave when it was super-hot? And I thought we were away from home for just a few hours,” says Maya.

“Maya…Reyhaan…It’s winter…” says Ava.
Maya finishes Ava’s thought, “Time runs at a different rate near the black hole from anywhere else.” In the time that they had spent fighting the black hole, six months had gone by on Earth.
Maya and Reyhaan’s parents had come back from their weekend trip months ago. The three friends are in big trouble!


Tell us: Do you think in the year 2563 all this would be possible?