“What happens when something like a rocket ship falls into a black hole?” asks Reyhaan.
“Well, it is sucked into the centre of the black hole and is torn into nothing,” Ava says. Reyhaan squeals, “Seriously?” He and Maya realise that they have had a narrow escape.

“Can nothing come out of a black hole?” Maya asks.
Ava shakes her head. “Not even light comes out of a black hole. The event horizon of the black hole is the point of no return. Anything that falls into the event horizon is lost forever to the outside world.” Reyhaan shudders but Maya has more questions. She wants to know how many black holes there are in the universe.
“Nobody is really sure,” says Ava, “But scientists guess that there is, perhaps, one black hole for every thousand stars in the universe. If this is right, then there are a billion billion black holes in total.” Ava explains that some black holes have a mass of about that of the sun. But other black holes are much bigger.

“There is a huge one right in the middle of our galaxy, with a mass of more than a million suns,” she says. Reyhaan and Maya look nervous. Ava assures them that it is far, far away. About 30 million billion kilometres away.