On the day of the Championship, Nila is ready. This year, the competition is tougher. Nila marks out the strong weightlifters. The boy with the yellow turban. The girl with the tight plait. And of course, Prince Vikram.

They lift rocks. They lift logs. They lift treasure chests. They lift cupboards. The judges watch. Is the arm shaking? Is the leg steady? Is the stance correct? Nila clenches her teeth. She can feel every muscle in her body. Every drop of sweat.

Vikram is in the lead. But Nila is right behind him. The final round begins. They have to lift the ancient iron throne. The others are good. But Nila is better. She applies every ounce of her strength. She grunts, biting back the pain. When she almost gives up, she thinks of Surya, and Taibar. The iron throne rises in the air.

The final scores are displayed. Princess Nila has won! “Now you’re worthy of being a champion’s wife,” says the King proudly. Princess Nila smiles. “No,” she says. “Now, I am the champion.”