It was a hot day in the African savannah when Rabbit decided to walk down to the stream to drink some water. She was hopping along slowly in the heat along an open dusty path when she saw a mirror flashing in the sunlight. Rabbit had never seen a mirror before, so she wondered what the strange animal was. As she got closer, to her surprise, she saw the veld inside it and a little white rabbit just like herself looking back. Rabbit ran as fast as she could to call for help.

“Help! Somebody please help me!” she cried.

Jackal was resting in the shade of a big tree after hunting. When he heard Rabbit’s calls for help, he pretended he had not heard anything and hoped that other animals would help her because he was tired. But before he knew it, Rabbit ran towards where he was resting.

“Jackal, help! A monster, a monster!” cried the little white rabbit.

“A monster? Where?” asked Jackal, yawning.

“Down by the path on the way to the river. It has swallowed the whole veld and a little white rabbit like me,” sobbed Rabbit.

At first Jackal chased Rabbit away because he could not believe such a thing had happened. “If the monster has swallowed the veld, why are we here and not inside the monster?”

Rabbit could not answer that question, but she kept on asking for help. Jackal went to call Leopard so that all three of them could go together to see the strange monster.

Jackal and Leopard followed Rabbit to where the monster was. Slowly, they crept up to the mirror. When they got up close, they saw three animals looking at them. The animals inside the monster’s stomach looked just like them! They screamed in fright and ran down to the river to call Hippo.

“Hippo, please come and help us. A monster has swallowed the veld and three animals just like us!” said Jackal, talking as fast as possible.

Hippo didn’t pay much attention to them and continued to enjoy her swim because she thought the animals were trying to trick her. But when she saw how terrified they were, she got out of the water. Then Hippo, Leopard, Jackal and Rabbit rushed to the place where the mirror was.