“Anyway, now I can run to the river for a nice breakfast,” she thought. Nosisa ran to the river. When she got there she called out to the fish, and she called again and again. The fish never came. Nosisa started to cry. She did not know what had happened to the fish. While she was crying a bird came to sit next to her and told her what had happened. She cried harder thinking that her mother had been caught and eaten.

The bird told her to collect the fish bones from the table and throw them back into the river. If she did that the fish would come back to life. The bird also told her to let her father and stepmother sleep and wake them up only at midday. Nosisa did as she was told. She ran back home and walked quietly into her father’s hut. They were still fast asleep. She took the bones, put them inside a bag and threw them back into the river.

Nosisa ran back home and just before midday she woke her father and stepmother. She could hardly recognise them. They looked old and grey and frail. They were too old to scold her. They were too weak to hit her. They were too tired to look after the homestead. So, Nosisa took over the homestead and her father’s wealth. She called all the servants and told them what had happened. They prepared a feast and there was peace at the homestead from that day on.

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