Once upon a time there was a very rich man called Mpunzi. He had a wife and one daughter called Nosisa. Mpunzi wanted a son, but he and his wife could not have any more children. Mpunzi blamed his wife for not giving him a son. He bullied his wife and treated her like a child.

One day Mpunzi was very angry and he hit his wife with a stick. She ran away back to her family. She left with a sad heart because Mpunzi did not let her take Nosisa with her. Mpunzi bullied his daughter in the same way he bullied his wife. Nosisa lived a very sad life.

Mpunzi decided to marry another wife. He hoped that the new wife would give him a baby boy. Nosisa’s life became even more difficult when her father married again. Mpunzi scolded her all the time and made her serve the new wife. Nosisa worked like a slave.

Mpunzi was very proud of his cattle. He used to sit outside his homestead and watch his cattle grazing in the field. He felt very satisfied with his wealth. Mpunzi’s many servants cleaned around the homestead, and looked after his goats, cattle and sheep. They milked the cows for fresh milk that Mpunzi sold to other villagers.

Tell us: What do you think about the way her father treated her mother?