Just as Sonny was about to open his mouth, Mr Peterson said in a loud booming voice, “Sonny! It looks like I finished just in time.”

“Excuse me, sir?” said Sonny.

“Come,” said Mr Peterson and walked to his back garden.

Sonny’s mouth dropped open.

It was the biggest garden in the street. The grass had been mowed and there were trees all around the edges. Mr Peterson had put a rope all around the edge of the garden, just like a real cricket field. And in the middle, there were cricket wickets.

Sonny looked up at Mr Peterson and smiled. Mr Peterson smiled back warmly. “I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you about the changes to the street. I work at the council, but I wasn’t allowed to say anything. BUT … I could do something.” He laughed. “NOW … get everyone to come over here and let’s play cricket.”

Now Sonny and his friends always have a place to play cricket. Mr Peterson loves it when they visit and enjoys watching all the matches. He is really good at keeping score. And when the ball gets hit or thrown a little too far away, Shikisha runs to fetch it!