Shanti and Arun were good friends.
They had so much fun together. They shared secrets in class. They ran races on the way home.
She was always cheerful.


One day, Shanti came into the classroom slowly. Her head was bent. She looked
sad. “Did someone scold you?” asked Arun.
Shanti shook her head. She sat down and did not look up. She did not answer
‘Present!’ when Sona Miss called her name. Sona Miss called again, louder this
time, “Shanti Kumar!” Shanti raised her hand.


“Do you have a sore throat?” her teacher asked her. Shanti shook her head.
Her cheeks were red and it looked like she had a fever.
“Are you feeling okay?” Sona Miss asked.
Shanti nodded, still not daring to look up.