Rola heard all about Valentine’s Day, but she did not know what it was about. She decided to go to her mother in the kitchen and ask her.

“Mommy, what is Valentine’s Day?” asked Rola.

Her mom had a sad face and then replied, “Well, my child. It’s a special day when people do things with someone they love.”

“Like a mommy and daddy time?” Rola asked.

Rola’s father was no longer there in their lives. It was only Rola and her mother.

“Yes, like a mommy and daddy time.” Her mother replied.

“I am going to do something special for my Valentine!” Rola said excited.

“Who is your valentine, dear?” asked her mother.

“Someone special, mom!” Rola said and ran to the kitchen.

“You are so innocent my child,” her mother sighed and continued with the dishes.