Zodwa interrupts, “But hey guys, what is going on with Mr Motaung’s kota’s? They’re a quarter of a loaf, but they contain less than Mr Mkhize’s kotas.” Jabu frowns and says to the group, “If Motaung is having problems and goes out of business, then Mkhize will have no competition. What if Mkhize gets greedy and goes back to his bad old ways?”

A few days later, Mr Motaung is getting ready to sell lunch at break time. He’s worried. Lately, fewer and fewer learners are buying from him. Mr Motaung asks himself, “Why are they all flocking to Mkhize? I thought we were selling the same kota at the same price.”

Jabu on his way from Mr Mkhize’s shop passes by Mr Motaung’s shop. He calls the boy over, “Hey Jabu, how are you?” Mr Motaung’s eyes are not on Jabu but on the kota Jabu is carrying! He smiles when he realises that the kota has got more chips, more cheese, more polony and more atchar than his kotas!