It is break time at Siyafunda Primary School. Nomsa, Jabu and Zodwa have just sat down in the shade to enjoy their lunch. Today Nomsa and Zodwa brought food from home, but Jabu is eating a kota from Mr Mkhize’s shop.

“Mmmm, this cheese is creamy! Mr Mkhize’s kotas are the best!” exclaims Jabu licking his fingers. Tebogo is sitting nearby and overhears Jabu. He can’t believe his ears! Tebogo asks, “Did you just say there’s cheese on Mkhize’s kota? Did you say Mkhize’s kotas are the best? Are you joking?”

“Haa! You don’t know Mr Mkhize! He’s changed his ways and this kota speaks for itself,” says Jabu pointing at his kota. The kota is stuffed with chips, polony and atchar, and covered in creamy melting cheese. Tebogo is impressed. Just then Scelo arrives with his lunch and Tebogo says to his friend, “Hey Scelo, look at this kota!”